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  1. @[UMF] Filthylopez quote:

    By all means, you can just equip relics and have 0 hero gear / hero stats on that character, if you really wanted, and pets still have a defining stat role, builder OR hero stats, so your characters can still have a defined role as a builder over a dpser.

    I really appreciate the response but that seems really weird lol. 

    @Tyroki quote:

    So don't worry. Tower stats haven't gone anywhere, you can just be both a builder AND a DPS at the same time now.

    I guess it seems kind of cool, but I don't really want to. The apprentice has always been my builder, and my focus from the beginning of DD1 has been towers.

  2. I'll start off by saying I loved DD1 and the start of DD2, but I quit for two years after I logged in and all my equipped gear had changed. I felt like the hours I put into the game were completely worthless. Now, I understand that this is still early access, but all the patch did was randomize the stats for every item I owned. Last week I saw the game being updated on steam and decided to see what was new, and managed to find a full set of defense gear for my apprentice, so I was getting back on track.

    That being said, this new update has completely changed that. I log in to find most of my gear with hero stats, which is really disappointing because I only play the game for towers. I understand that they're trying to allow people to use both hero and defense stats, but I'm not interested in hero stats at all, and I shouldn't be forced to use them. That was the whole point of providing hero and defense stats in the first place; to provide an option. I don't even want to play anymore because I want to defend with towers, not heroes, but I'm forced to do both.

    Also, I don't know if the devs look at steam reviews, but the Eye of Cthulhu fight makes me want to cut myself almost literally.

  3. PLEASE add a button to report players like you did to add a friend. I can't believe the nerve some people have! Some guy insulted me and then claimed I was toxic and tried to kick me. This kind of thing is absolutely ridiculous, but I'm glad I experienced it instead of someone new to the game who might have stopped playing to avoid this type of thing.

  4. I was never interested in playing solo as I've always enjoyed playing with others. You seem to be complaining that the game just isn't up to your standards. Right now the only reason for me to play is to farm wyvern tokens or find that last legendary, so I am choosing to not play all the time.

    Having different stats does allow you to ignore half the game, because that's where freedom of choice comes in. If I never want to play a healer in World of Warcraft I am never required to. Likewise, if I never want to play hero damage in Dungeon Defenders 2 then I am not required to.

  5. @Isukun quote:

    Actually there aren't as many options as you think.  Try solo without a builder.  It doesn't really work, no matter how much you build up your DPS.  Hell, full DPS teams don't work out so well at higher levels, either.  The game simply isn't structured to let people focus on that kind of specialization.  This is a problem that came up in the last devstream and I wouldn't be surprised to see the game balance swing back again to even out some of the imbalances between the two aspects of the game and prevent cases where you can just build without having to have DPS characters to pick up the slack.  So what you're looking for is more a special exception for your particular play style that doesn't apply to other play styles, which can't function independently due to current balance issues.  The game isn't JUST a tower defense game, so there's no reason they should dumb down the action RPG aspects just to benefit players who don't want to take part.  They certainly didn't do the opposite.  Hybrid games aren't made to offer players choices in that regard, they're made to put a different spin on an established genre and offer players a new experience.  If you don't like the new experience, there are other games that offer a more traditional one.

    The whole point of having different stats like hero and tower stats are so there are multiple ways to play, and if you don't want to play a certain way then you have that right. I watched a dev stream where this game is meant to be played with 4 players. This means that you can solo if you wish, but generally choose how you play; ability damage or what have you. As I said I'm not interested in the dps part of the game, and if it's lacking then it's because the game is still young. The game isn't JUST a tower defense, but if you only want to play with towers then you have that choice as with any other game that offers choice in gamepay, which is a lot of games. Your whole point is how loot and experience should be distributed anyway.

  6. Players are expected to do as they please when they have options. Don't expect anyone to play any part of the game that they're not interested in, that's why we have options for how we play. For example, Diablo 3 has 6 classes, bounties, uber bosses, rifting, and greater rifting. There are options for players to do as they please. Dungeon Defenders 2 has 4 classes, hero stats, ability stats, and tower stats. There are options for players to do as they please.

  7. @Isukun quote:As I've said before, what's the point of jumping into a game if you're not going to play?  Hell, if I joined a game and everybody told me to go stand in the corner and do nothing, I'd drop right away.

    Are you kidding me with this? I join a game hoping its on round 1. I'm not expecting to get free ride, so I don't know where you're getting that from, and frankly I'm already tired of it. Sometimes you don't get so lucky. and you end up in a game that's finishing soon. Why should I have to leave a game or be punished because I was unlucky with the matchmaker, or the only current game is almost finished?

  8. For those who don't play monk or huntress the apprentice is also a fine choice. I currently farm Liferoot Forest on hard incrusion with 1395 defense power and about 1100 speed with flame burst towers.

    I place 6 flame towers in lanes with magic resistant enemies and 5 flame towers in lanes with physical resistant enemies with a boost aura for each group. Then once wave 2 starts I place up to 2 spike blockades (30k hp) in the lane where the boss is coming. Upgrading each tower once should make everything run smoothly, but sometimes it doesn't, so I make sure to run around upgrading or repairing as necessary. I almost always try to upgrade instead of repair.

  9. Yeah the kick system isn't really reliable in it's current state. I don't know if bumping would actually do anything because there will always be some guy that doesn't care. I doubt a majority of the people that need to read this thread actually will.

  10. @Isukun quote:

    If you jump into a game at random and see right off that you aren't going to get a chance to play, I don't see why you would want to hang around for the next 20 minutes doing nothing.

    That's why it's great that loot isn't distributed by performance. Currently, you jump into a game knowing that you are getting something regardless. If I'm playing with a group of friends that just got the game and want to power level them while they get mad lootz because I don't need any, shouldn't I be able to do that?

  11. @Isukun quote:

    @Ghost [WoRM] quote:

    So if I'm a builder and I want to play while a lot of builders happen to be on, then I have to hope that I can find a game where I can build? I'm not interested in the hero damage part of the game, so I have less choice in actually playing the game?

    There's solo or playing with friends if you can't find randoms who will let you play your way.  If your interest is purely in the building portion of the game and you don't care about combat, why would you purposely look for scenarios where you're not even doing the one thing you want to do?

    I enjoy playing with other people who aren't completely selfish, and the game isn't popular enough for the popular "play with friends" workaround that doesn't actually fix anything. Who said I'm purposely looking for scenarios where I don't have to do squat? You just made that up.

    Currently, I join a game hoping its wave 1 and I can build something, and if I can't, then why should I get nothing? At that point I'm just sitting there to give everyone else extra loot chance, yet I'm getting nothing in return.

    What if the matchmaking system put 1 builders and 3 hero dps in one game, then later the 3 dps leave and are replaced by 3 builders. With your system, the 3 builders that joined late would get nothing.

  12. At first I wasn't going to make a thread about this, but I'm tired of seeing it so much.
    I'm talking about the people who will join your game and sit there afk, then come occasionally to make sure they didn't get kicked by the game system. The main part that bothers me is that these guys sit there while other people, probably myself, do literally all the work, and have to wait every round because they don't press the ready button. By the time they get back to the computer the game is already finished, and they just earned a ton of loot for nothing, not even upgrading or giving mana like most people do.

    This is a complete waste of time and mana. Every time someone goes afk and doesn't pick up their mana for that round it goes to waste. That's right, gone. If we're on Liferoot Forest this makes it harder to do the boss encounters every wave after the first. Waiting 40 seconds between rounds every round is going to waste approx 3 minutes, or 16 every 5 games, and waiting for the end timer is another 90 seconds, or 7.5 minutes every 5 games. Normally I might not be bothered so much by this, but having a medical condition that requires that I spend no more than 30 minutes at a time on the computer really limits what I can do while I'm on it.

  13. @CAPSisHARDCORE quote:

     I also found out, however, that Flamethrowers can't angle their attacks upwards to deal with air. It will only attack units at ground level. It will still sometimes shoot in the direction of air units though, maybe tagging one of them with slight dps...

    Yeah I found this to be a huge downside. If air enemies are in range then the flamethrowers should at least be able to attack them.

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