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  1. does anyone know how i unlock free play i see everyone saying it is the best xp but i can't find the mode on the defence table thanks
  2. So i come back to play on my character after like a few month of now playing and their gone??!?!? I am now in the tutorial and stuck back at the beginning? Any help on this matter thanks.
  3. also from what i've noticed more mana would allow the use of being able to find good combos with other players.
  4. That's 'cause that was on the old forums, we don't have them anymore here i believe. Rather now we simply have popularity which seems to be about views+likes+replies oh that sucks, damn i wish i could for sure.
  5. okay i will add that to my con list but make sure if you now want to add something to that list just quote me with con or pro :)
  6. trying that, problem is that most of the time you don't have any mana to manage.
  7. This is really smart, I like it :) In one of my other posts I suggested that the game should be balanced and playable the way each one of us wants to play, without benefits or 'bonuses' to anyone. Solo / In a group / only towers builds / hero based builds / hybrid / etc. (Your suggestion along with some tower buffs, or monster range/hp nerfs will help alot in that direction). Monster outranging towers is silly, especially if there is no walls implemented-like in DD1). I want to drink cofee and farm after I have good builders and tactics for some maps, other guys want to run around and shoo
  8. Do you mean the sacrifice system plus the experience system? exactly, like they did in dd1 with mana. You could gain level for the weapon by killing and gaining mana, but you can also spend mana on leveling weapons. I think they should keep what they've got but add the system where it's got passive leveling as well from xp gaining through dungeons.
  9. exactly my point, i noticed that some creatures are weak to some styles, which i like. The problem is that by the time you get the mana to build something your just end up replacing the basic level stuff you just put down; it's an endless loop ( paradox some would say)
  10. okay, if that's the case then maybe there should be a way of getting that mana that people have then maybe ? Problem is i like playing games with people, i bought this game to be like dd1 where i played with other players to enjoy the game; playing solo is more like gta 5 tbh
  11. i don't see the by likes button all i see is this :
  12. tbh at the end of the day even a little more mana so we can repair what little defences we have would be so beneficial, i mean i'm level 13 now and i struggle at best to try and win on hard mode. it's more like insane to other games.
  13. mana needs a buff for sure. Not enough of it.
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