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  1. The updates have been concurrent for quite awhile
  2. I dunno, the feature has been working for me ps4 side, could this be xbox specific?
  3. K i belive i got it where you missunderstanding the situation, you take me to literally, rather then out of the view of a new player. First i don't mean he can't find better drops, what i mean is from his view he will never be able to find better items. I obviously don't mean that you can never find better gear when you upgrade it. (better gear sell value wise), but better gear stats wise is impossible then. That is the part the player will look after. What is the issue here? Look not at my post but rather on geos post, because that is what i was going on in the first place. Just looking at mi
  4. Thank you for the response, I'm glad you are still taking this feedback even after launch!
  5. The inspect feature is a great way to see how much health your towers have at a moderate distance, however the L3 button is quite difficult to keep a hold on for someone like me with permanent nerve damage, I was wondering if it'd be possible to just get a toggle option for that feature, so it's just one button press. I think that'd be ideal even for people without a disability.
  6. Well I use a headset, play my own music and like to voicechat I can't turn off the game music, some stages are too loud for me to even hear other players. I have a workaround where I turn on party chat to lower the sound of the game , but that effectively kills the built in voicechat. I'm not saying it's a huge deal, but it does impact the game and it should be noted.
  7. So with the new patch I've noticed that attempting to change the volume does nothing, as in the volume bar is locked in place and is immovable. that and the tower sound effects are still too loud in the sewers.
  8. I'd disagree with the lack of choice argument, way more builds are viable than before. I mean who really thinks we have less choice now than than the frost or archer meta?
  9. Plenty. Ramster with drench sphere lightning aura, proton beams and a training dummy at the end to send em back to start. Archers are more situational now, but you can still find a viable place for them. While we currently are lacking a meta, why not take each map case by case? IMO if you can beat every map by using the same strategy, the devs are doing something wrong.
  10. I like it when this happens. Gets an ogre out of play, and I can go back and kill him later.
  11. PS4 didn't get that patch. I assume since they work off the same basic build that it'd be fixed though.
  12. I'm excited to use the weapon for my monk dps character. I also thought the challenge in this level was a step in the right direction. The 35 seconds is plenty of time for such a small map. I would personally like to see more think outside the box challenges.
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