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  1. I rejoice for the loot drop changes, as loot drops should be meaningful. Also loot should be dropped not for only your currently equipped hero but for any of your hero deck type. For me I think there should be a very huge separate different between crap loot (to sell or just give us coins), purple/orange loot (to use) and that exotic loot that you can get once a day or two. But all should be relevant. Make it easy to get loot and even good loot. But hard to get exotic loot that is just a bit better but looks way cooler. Also please please please make towers more relevant. I do not want to just spam explosive traps, walls and freeze towers for maps. It is a tower defense game after all. Now a trap boom bang game :D
  2. Err unless I cannot read the Steam page properly (might be so). I do not see what towers or traps to build and how to place them on each lane. At NM1 my current tower placement requires a DPS toon else my lanes will die. From the guide, I am guessing that Squire towers are not required. But then what towers I use for physical lanes? Currently still using Cannons. And for magic lanes, since I converted my Mage to Frost. I use Poison Darts which are less effective then Flameburst towers. I have started to include Traps in my build but often times, I do not not have enough def points left for the balloons. From what I infer from threads I read... People use explosive traps, Froze towers alot and walls. But what other towers are used? I cannot believe that people only use the above 3???
  3. Hi All, From my experience End Game and NMs consist of 3 builders and 1 dps. Issue that I have is the all the loot are mostly for my dps. Especially the weapons and the item special skills. Only way I see is to use a builder for the match, except is seems like gimping my dps and makes each map way harder. So how do I get loot for my builders? Any easy or optimal way?
  4. Question: How does the spheres affect the towers? Is it when I put the towers or is it what spheres my current hero has on? Aka do I need to get 2 squires, 1 for barriers and 1 for tower dps. Or can I just change the sphere, place and change to new set of spheres and place the other set of towers?
  5. Hi All, I currently finished leveling the following: 1. Tower Mage 2. Tower Knight 3. DPS Ranger 4. Tower Ranger The last Hero I leveled was the Tower Ranger. I am now ready for some NM. Would like to know the best build order/structure. Previously I often build (or some variation): 3 Cannon or Flameburst or combo 2 Ice Towers 1 or 2 Oily Harpoon 1 Knight Barricade With the Tower Ranger, how should a lane build look like now? Thanks and Regards, Gaden Phoenix
  6. Currently leveling my 2nd. I and basically doing the following: 1. Plant my lvl50 toon towers around. And wait ..... 2. next wave get gems upgrade and wait... 3. do that six more times and 4. repeat on new map Pure gaming gold >:P
  7. Cool to know. I guess I am still way off from that. I just get very scared when games start requiring high specialisations. But not as scared as neverending gear grinding or leveling (own preferences) :).
  8. Thanks all for your advise. Just a question :) wait what? I need to specialise classes now? :P That might be too hardcore for me at this moment. Also a bit disheartening that it seems that there is such min/maxing required :D Anyways I guess I am going Squire first, then Huntress, then see how.
  9. Grinding is boring :P I hope they come out with a fast forward button :D In freeplay near never will my towers get destroyed. I just G the map and watch TV. How much better if we could G the map. Increase speed and watch TV >:)
  10. Would like an answer to this too. Before I start hardcore leveling. :)
  11. Hi All, What is a good hero to level next? I have just finished Apprentice, and would like to level up a complimentary hero. Should I go for squire or ranger? My Apprentice is pure Tower Power/Speed build. How important is Physical Towers for lanes with high magic defense aka Squire? Or should I get a good solo hero aka Ranger (using oil flask for my flame towers)? I have not played level 50 end game yet. Want at least 2 heroes before I go forth.
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