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  1. tbh I never really saw summoner played much(could have just me) but I remember some people played him very well.
  2. personally i would love to see ev make a return in a i don't know a 3.0 version of her self. I don't know about anyone else but i found her both a soloble character and a very good team player with her upgrade beams.
  3. As the title implies when i start the game up it will show me the launcher saying loading playverse then within 3 secounds crashes without a error,but does leave dmp files in the game folder. inb4. 1 my name is as it is here so nothing odd 2. i have tried to run it with no av still crashes 3.i have tried running the launcher as admin still crashes. 4. i have also validated the game a few times with only 1 file needing to be downloaded. 5. i have also reinstalled the game twice.
  4. alrighty i did send in the logs to the support email thinking they will know what to do with them
  5. ok what day is this update planned to be out? if u dont mind me asking?
  6. hmmm after looking inside the dd2 folder trying to see if i can get it to run i noted i have launcher crash logs and i would guess those would help figure out the issue but i have no idea how to post said logs. the file type is dmp so i would figure this is a dump file?
  7. ok so tired to run the game with both off and its still doing it...and i have also reinstalled the game to see if that helped.
  8. i use nod 32 and i dont have my firewall on
  9. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. The issue i am having is where the playverse launcher will start up but it will stay gray and wont do anything then just closes without any errors. I have reinstalled the game and verified the files and my system is more than enough to run this.
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