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  1. Summoner and EV are straight-up required to clear a lot of NM levels; in fact, a lot of nightmare content is balanced around the fact that both of these heroes exist. If by 'all DD1 content' you mean all levels excluding nightmare, then sure, I'd say it's definitely reasonable to say all maps can be cleared outside of Nightmare. But if you're including NM in that statement, I'm calling BS. There is no way dealing 1/6th damage (w/o buff beam) and half DU (summoner MU) can still clear maps like Crystalline Dimension or Talay. DD1 wasn't necessarily P2W, but there is absolutely a difficulty paywall that can only be surmounted by purchasing the EV + summoner or playing with someone who owns them. While I seriously doubt Trendy will do the same thing with the abyss lord, requiring new hero types to be paid for just doesn't sit well with me, regardless of currency used. I know that some currency like wyvern tokens wouldn't be P2W, but regardless of this, I feel like all heroes should be available to all players from the very beginning. I just want to say i Cleared all DD1 content with Squire Monk and Huntress towers. and App dps.
  2. Thanks for the partial controller support it works fine till you need to jump or pick up something. The jump button being used to pick up, items check towers, and open chest is super annoying. Keep picking up items when i want to jump, and i keep inspecting towers when i want to jump. Picking up loot/inspecting things need to be mapped to another button. I wanted to post this in feedback but it would not let me make a thread for some reason.
  3. No, the real problem is that two of the three tasks highlighted exactly why the game is not fun. Last hit 80 ogres? Sucks if you enjoy playing with other people, because the most effective way to accomplish this is by holing up in your own private game.Hatch 15 pets? Not a bad task - I honestly don't have any complaints about it. Requires me to be engaged in the game, and applies easily to all players regardless of level.Gain 75 pet affection levels? Not only was the bar set extremely high here, but the most effective way to obtain pet affection levels was to grind free play easy. You basically sit there bored gaining pet affection levels on pets you'll never actually use.A great way to burn out your playerbase is by subjecting them to the elements of your game that induce boredom. Players aren't going to stick around if you keep giving tasks like these. The ogre thing was terrible, but i got all 75 of my pet levels from hatching thre eggs and using that pet while a new one was hatching, also at the same time gearing up for nightmare 2, I don't see how that's setting the bar high only when you had to play the game. The first 4-5 levels are super easy to get on the pet.
  4. Is something preventing you from fine-tuning your stats with small skill spheres? The proposed stat allocation system is functionally very similar, only it gives the developers less opportunity to balance stat availability. You can't fine tune things with static numbers that's not possible, if i wanted to keep my trap health at xxx hp i can do with the stat system not with spheres the numbers are too static.
  5. I just played the game daily and finished everything. I think the real problem people just wanted it now. Took about 12 days to do for me just playing everyday for a few hours. Hatch an egg, then use said pet after it hatches after it gains about 6 levels dump for a new one and keep repeating. This was me playing 4 hours a day.
  6. Freedom of builds?? You mean the freedom to use the EXACT SAME BUILD EVERY LANE?? Resists make me think at the beginning of every map. They make me vary which defenses i place where and actually USE MY HEAD when i play a STRATEGY game. I feel like the game can be grindy enough already, we dont need to make it even more boring... If lanes were more dynamic and not just straight aways or a mirror of the other half of the map you would see more dynamic builds right no,w pretty much all lanes are just walkways. If we had a map close to Aquanos from Dd1 you would see a ton of build variety.
  7. I understand your viewpoint on random mobs, but I disagree. What random mobs do is make sure that every lane can handle every combination of mobs. Instead of building different defense strategies that are specialized for handling different threats, we build a generic defense. It homogenizes defense strategy. To put it another way, imagine that instead of 7 waves we had one long wave. If the randomness is incorporated then the types of mobs change six times during the one long wave. Each lane is now essentially the same, it will see every type of mob composition. We build each lane the same. If the randomness is not incorporated (the types of mobs do not change during the one long wave) then there is variety between the lanes and we are encouraged to build unique defense setups in each lane. The random element is integrated better in onslaught, so a compromise would be to retain the randomness in that game mode for people that enjoy it. We use one generic build because everything sucks except traps, I would love to use harpoons if they didn't suck, it's so many straight away lanes that could use these towers. Just like I would love to use traps like I did in Dd 1 to soften mobs up before they made it to the choke point. I Really want to try an Oily strike/fireball tower in a straight away lane but both of those towers blow ballz. If this bigger tower thing works out we might see stuff like LA/Sa/frosty tower set up in other spots besides choke points to slow mobs down to do substantial damage to them, and random mobs won't make those type of strats not work. It also spices the map up just a little bit so the game does not become scripted like DD1, One map in particular in DD1 Which is called glitterhelm mines or something. I always had this one archer who would not die in my build every time in the same spot. The game should never be that predictable. Just like i knew all the ogre spawn orders in moraggo desert town. In short: The map should never feel the same every time you play it.
  8. I have to disagree here i kinda like the random mobs it makes me make sure every lane is perfect at stopping all types of mobs , instead of knowing what will spawn there 100% of the time. In DD1 i upgrade/built stuff based on which doors ogres and special mobs were gonna spawn the most, cause it was always set which door they came out of, and this led me to ignore a lot of lanes cause none them ever became an high threat lane ever cause it was always the same. Like when i first played mistymire forest i was like these spiders suck but then soon realized that they all spawned in certain spots and can be stopped easily(even tho mobs dropping out of the sky was an bad idea anyway. DON'T DO THAT AGAIN TRENDY!) This is just me disagreeing with random mob spawns, everything else i fully agree with.
  9. You can only have one hero out at a time. An apprentice, no matter how well geared he is, cannot overcome higher end magic resistance. you know that we talk about towers......? what i said. trendy should add a super mega easy mode in dd2. ppl cant handle RNG anymore. so you rly want to build on every map and every game mode the same towers on the same spot? sorry for my aggressive. but the most here are "its to hard, pls buff" threads.. It's nothing hard about it tho, what difference does it make if I use Elemental chaos or a normal trap they both kill mobs the same I have done nothing different at the end of the day, The middle lane is now physical, I use magic traps, next run its magic i use physical traps. What changed? Nothing. Let's Take Ramparts from DD1, One part has a long bridge putting harpoons here to maximize their mob piercing is optimal, or you could use the 2 slow auras and put like 9 magic missile towers on the topside overlooking the bridge to burn down mobs. Then you have 2 narrow walkways which mobs will choose to walk down, one side has a ramp like spot, so here you can put bowling ball turrets here to kill mobs or you can litter the narrow walkway with gas/ explosive traps. Then you have numerous ways of fending off the airborne mobs, by placing harpoons on the roof or using the the tower app had that could shoot through walls to one shot airborne targets, or place an lighting aura in their fly zone to kill them. Good map design makes people try different builds and not stick to the same old tired one. Just go to DDplanner and see all the different builds for all maps.
  10. I build walls in a V shape like I use to in DD1 to stop leaks, it makes the walls bigger for some reason. The only leak i get atm is that Ogres(if two of them will just push one over the wall.)
  11. {Player Name} The Wicked. Don't build any defenses and let the core blow up. {Player name} The Sub-Hater Fail to defend 20 sub cores.
  12. They should just get rid of it, it really does not add any real tower variety, Even with this system in place there is no tower variety at all I use the same set up every time i just have to tweak depending on which lane spawns with what, and if i don't like the mixed lane spawwn i can just hit G and let the mobs blow up the core takes less than 30 secs.
  13. I don't agree i like my stat system just like in DD1 i can change my stats on the fly to compensate for gear and fine tune tower speed for what i needed. I didn't want my traps going off every half of a second in DD1 cause that would make them just run out of charges super fast so I fine tuned stats with gear to get the speed I wanted. Samething went for def range cause too much of it can be pointless/just not plain needed when you can put it somewhere else for fine tunement. Sometimes I might want a super huge aura to cover 2 lanes to save DU, I do this on gates of dragonfall atm with full Vortex gear on monk.
  14. Need to add The vortex passive for SA drops on head, body, fee,t hands, and legs.
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