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  1. Hey, i tried to start playing DD2 again after quite some time. The only problem is, that i do not have any sound besides the Trendyent intro theme. The main menu and anything after that is completly silent. I have tried to use a different audio device but that didnt fix the issue. My ingame sound if on full volume. I also tried to check the game files via steam didnt work. DD2 dosnt even appear in the soundmixer tab in windows. I am really looking forward for some help thanks :)
  2. Cannonball for sure even though they are pretty meh atm :(
  3. there aktually is a mute system ingame. Press enter to open the chatbox and type /help for all the commands you can use /mute NAME to mute a single player and /muteall for the whole group if you want to unmute type /unmute NAME or /unmuteall Hope i could help :D P.S. the whisper works but you have to write it like this /w "NAME" MSG the " " are important
  4. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/120710/see-answer?scrollTo=1132008[[4488,hashtags]]
  5. Is this legit? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=466049887
  6. http://i.imgur.com/u64P4r6.jpg Use that
  7. Im pretty sure the trendy server are having some trouble atm dd1 login dosnt work at all and dd2 is not working consitently but sometimes you can join if you keep restarting your game.
  8. Hmm iam using the fullscreen windowed option and it works great for me.
  9. Mega Chicken is Mega Hacked Yeah i guessed so. Thanks for confirming is there any way this guy can get banned for this?
  10. Saw a guy dealing a suspicious high amout of dps with his chicken so i checked it. Can this be legit? http://imgur.com/lq35ScN
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