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  1. I think this want I am looking for? Guides on Pets and weapons. How to ? Sess
  2. Banned for too much reading for using Quotes
  3. Greetings I am looking for guides on Pets and Weapons and Spheres. Any tips and links to guide me in the right direction would be great. I do want to share, what I find too. Sess
  4. Banned for using correction pen on the monitor like a blond would.
  5. Banned for knowing too much about 5 years ago!
  6. Banned for letting your alarm not wake you up 3 times!
  7. Banned because you don't have any posts
  8. Banned for using made up word, Urusa!
  9. Banned for being ban bam band for Noble
  10. banned because you know nothing, Jon Snow
  11. Banned because I don't like popular music :(
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