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  1. Any chance we'll be able to see a revamp for Onslaught in the future i.e being able to change rewards after each round or every 5? Currently the "Pet" option is about the only worthy thing since you get gold eggs. Being stuck with "Currency" for 25 rounds and not getting any special rewards @round 15 and then every 10 thereafter is a let down, as I can make more in onslaught with Gold Bonus IV sphere.
  2. To find the "special" reward you need to play for 24 hours straight until you find Brad L. from Trendy, seen in this clip below. Heh, thanks :P I shall try to find the illusive Brad L. to get my eternal reward. Btw would you be down for onslaught or nm2/3? I have an HB squire and a dps huntress, IGN: Spectreretro
  3. Hey I was wondering if there's a special reward for picking Currency on onslaught besides a pitiful amount of gold? If so, what round/rounds and what is the the "special" reward?
  4. So with all this new info about the upcoming 2nd part of the patch, The new huntress bow caught my attention with what it can do. Are the amount of enemies marked going to be determined by the passive or is it going to be a static number when it rolls?
  5. Lightning: Possibility of being able to transform golden pet eggs in the future? Seeing as you have to do 15 rounds in onslaught to get one in the first place. Lightning #2: If so, do you think it would detract from people buying normal premium eggs?
  6. Hello TrendyEnt and all who view this. I'm here to suggest the possibility of being able to use the "transform" option on golden eggs; specifically Gato and Creeper eggs. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to have say a golden Shinobi Kitty in the future, along with any other transformed versions.
  7. Oh dang, I didn't even know. I only came back to the pets and dragons update since my big hiatus, played for about 2 weeks, then started finding ways to get out of maps :P. Once i pretty much was geared and all that and hit 2, 25's, I started making a meta-game for myself to see how much I can push the limits :)
  8. No exciting places on the ramparts? I think not! I already knew about those places :P it's just kinda meh. the crashed ship is alright and so is the room behind the main gate where the cores are.
  9. Ah yes, Actually both sides you can still go up the stairs, place an upgraded flameburst on that figure thingy, jump up and jump over to the doorframe, then hop up. I self-discovered it yesterday :)
  10. Little quickie update. Just want to thank everyone who has stopped by this post, and hopefully this has inspired some people to try and get to a pretty crazy spot on a map :)
  11. I will keep finding spots until i'm dead XD So many of them .-.
  12. Well... I can honestly say that upgraded towers never occurred to me ;) Much tea was consumed! Woot woot! You did it! Yeah with upgraded towers(especially flamebursts), Tier 2 and Tier 4 towers gain a little bit of height :)
  13. Haha ;) Hint: The very first picture of the album may not say much, but it is on the right side and does involve a flameburst upgraded once and a somewhat tricky jump :)
  14. Ah yeah, a few times my icon has gone off the map depending on the size of the map and how much solid ground is behind it.
  15. I have not posted these pictures before, I've been livestreaming(and still am) and I'm just winging it as I go. The out of bounds areas have somewhat a decent amount of detail and some of them are intriguing.
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