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  1. My personal favorite is the earthshatter tower :D Especially now that defense speed returns ^_^
  2. As the title states I was wondering if and when those ever get released to us, or if the devs have completely forgotten about it. I appreciate the devs for focusing on the core gameplay, but i would like them to make good to their promises when we bought the collectors edition first before adding in more heroes now.. no offence to you guys that want more heroes, but i would like to get what i paid for, no matter how little :) (to put it in perpective, its like ordering a burger and only getting the bun)
  3. you should probably look up numbers before you post stuff.. there are roughly 7.300.000.000 humans on earth right now.. So I believe you missed a zero somewhere ;)
  4. Will you update the auto-collect system, so that you can have multiple auto-collect options per bag? and will you fix the bug where when you set a bag to autocollect petfood it does not pick up the petfood?
  5. I feel your pain.. I have the exact same problem :(
  6. So I been playing for a while now after they implemented the Auto loot system, and I though "Awesome". but the auto loot option for pet food is not working, it does auto loot it in to that bag, is that just a problem i have? or is it general for everyone?
  7. Took the video link from another tread : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0zdDLmwoqc&feature=youtu.be Here you go :)
  8. Nice :D thanks for uploading a video with it as well :)
  9. awesome find, thanks for sharing :D
  10. I want to see that arcane barrier as well, now that you brought it to my attention. :)
  11. hey DD2 community, if you by any chance what the Bearicades to happen, please do post here and make the devs aware that we want this happen :D
  12. I lost about 2000 gems i had leftover.. I only joined the social tavern. Will check after the maintenance, to see if there have returned.. and will also try and make a private tavern, but i submitted a bug report about it already :)
  13. Yep, there definitely was something satisfying about it, But I think it will dial down again after people being reach that point in the game where they can AFK themselves.
  14. I am curious as well, what did this give you? with the exception of glory and a sense of accomplishment
  15. I run in to this as well, even in the middle of the round where towers kill mobs before they even come close to the barricades people kick me because i just stand there.. everything fully upgraded.. super annoying
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