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  1. Talk about llamas killing people... R D U P
  2. Would there be a chance to introduce gear sets as there were in DD1 and DDE? Either them being a tier set (Epic, Mythical, Legendary, etc) or named sets (Leather, Plate, Scale, etc)?? Thank you for what you all bring to this game!!!
  3. All costumes are merely cosmetic!!! No special perks!
  4. I'm not sure if this is an actual problem or not, but I've noticed that the Javelin Throwers are targeting towers behind the Abyss Lord's Orc blockade. I see the javelin pass through the blockade and destroy the tower behind without damaging the blockade. So far I've only see this occur on Throne Room, but I'm sure it has happened before. Any helpful response in clarifying this would be appreciated.
  5. That's What I was thinking. just needed to make sure. Thanks!
  6. Is this problem, or is it how the auras are now?
  7.  I noticed that when I place an aura, the lifespan stays at 100%. I then upgrade to either Tier 2-4 and the lifespan stays at 100%, but the Max Energy, listed on the specs, shows 125- 175%. Is there something missing that is causing the mouse over percentage to remain constant??? Thank you!
  8. Just recently, I have been getting this error on the title screen after apparently timing out to find a session to play. I goes to the session loading screen, but reverts back to the title screen and comes with the error.
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