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  1. A Duck... I found it in a dungeon and thought it's actually pretty cute... So I picked it up :)
  2. @icarus.fm WoW is built on the idea of a bunch of battling worlds. It's built this way and took like 15 years to be where it is right now. (It was 5 years in development.) The world it was placed in, to have at least a touch of life, was like even 10 years older... So it was like 25 years of development, from the first idea to the finished game. And WoW has no RNG-Gear... At least not in PvP. Back to this game, it's a hack n slash game, in which loot is one of the most important things. Better Loot = Better Chance to beat a map => Better Loot ... Sure I hope for a competition at some poin
  3. The time you are spending now on playing the game, isn't for your character progress. It actually helps the game itself to grow. As mentioned in the games description: Our game has bugs, missing features, and balance work still to go. Along the way we will be adding new features that may require limited resets. Our goal is to minimize these as much as possible, and there will not be a specific reset when we exit Early Access. Please only purchase access if you’re excited to play the game in this state. The current state is a temporary version of the game, which will change and maybe sometime
  4. [[67094,users]] When I go into a game and put into chat "want to assign lanes" and am told to "just play the ***ing game" or "whats the point" or just plain "no" the issue obviously is not with me and that has been the case EVERY SINGLE GAME I have played in this so far. As I said the problem is on your side... The first thing, is you want to play the game you are used to and that you thing work best. The second is you are impolite, you don't try to talk to them, you are giving orders. What would you think if a random dude from nowhere steps into your room and would tell you to put your table
  5. They aren't forced to play with random strangers. It's their decision, your decision, to do it, to get a benefit. It's not a must have to play the game, it's a bonus. Obviously you are not a grinder in games. Anything that you would call a 'bonus' makes a difference. So you are on a disadvantage, you farm more for less, you get worse loot if you play the same time, you.... It would be my decision if there was no benefit to my decision, then it's biased... It's like saying let's make this game p2w, it is your decision to get a 'bonus', noone is forcing you, you can still grind 1000h+ ins
  6. Hard Reset with prestige on launch day <3 Then everybody starts from scratch. Maybe even some more veteran players going to play completely public and some new f2p players join them an learn something. The moment the Dia II Ladder resets was always awesome. Everybody was boosting each other... So much communication and so many new faces... Hope we might even get a monthly ladder, with soft reset. (Chars should be still playable after reset, but not in the ladder.) Racing was always fun. New tactics and strategies to get to the top. Some where just racing with friends. Also you could u
  7. Then please sell all your items to a merchant. Items would need to be bought directly in-game to balance out the system. No random rolls allowed. Or else you would have nothing more then a fun mode, without ANY influence on your character after wards. Any title you posted were NOT rng influenced, because they were only tactic based. I have like 2000 hours WCIII on my shoulders and mostly just played (T)LTW or Hero Line wars... These games were so addictive and popular because there was no pre leveling or farming needed. It was plug n play. If you combine pre farming with such an system, yo
  8. They aren't forced to play with random strangers. It's their decision, your decision, to do it, to get a benefit. It's not a must have to play the game, it's a bonus.
  9. Ocean Map (Waterman Butterfly Map)
  10. So let me understand it. What you are trying to say is: It's annoying to farm items, because my team-mates don't know what they are doing. It's way to hard to help them understand what they are doing wrong, so I prefer to play solo. This way I can spend mana, the way I want to. What I personally think about it is, that teamplay is a skill and that is has to be some what harder to get better loot. Communicate with each other to get the shot at better loot is a better system, then letting people just stand in the corner and ignore them for the rest of the game. Like it was in DDE. The "Commu
  11. I'm not saying that you're wrong, i'm just pointing out that i have indeed found some toxic activity among my playing time in public games. Sure toxicity is always an issue, and always will be. It's the internet. But that's exactly the point, why we as a community should keep up the communication, even in the lowest levels. To show the "new" ones that communication is a way to deal with problems. That asking is a good way to play the game. So let us go onwards and show that our community isn't just a standard toxic community, you can find nowadays everywhere ;) I play online games for ar
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