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  1. How much ascension should you have before attempting chaos trials 1
  2. I recently got my monk to 50 and had enough to buy the lightning strike aura. It is definitely stronger but im scared about it only targeting one enemy at a time. Do I have the concept of the strike aura wrong? Is it actually better than the lightning aura? Maybe I just need to get more items with defense speed since rn I have the speed at something like 2.71 which I dont think is very fast. Assistance in if its good or not and what I should build on my monk for fastest dps and overall clearing of waves thanks in advance!
  3. Im thinking more along the lines of how geyser and electric auras create almost a perma stun. I dont think theres any other combo in the game that can compare to the power involved between those two defense towers.
  4. I feel that it's unfair that there is no synergy between the squire, apprentice, and monk. I am not sure what or how you can make an effective combo with their current kits, but I feel like it leaves a strong impression of choosing the huntress over the other heroes to become effective in a team. Maybe a good way to create synergy is to create uber spheres that create synergy between the 3 heroes.
  5. I think this should be put in the guide section! Would really help distinguish these videos from the rest of the discussions in the forums :)
  6. I dont know what's causing this, but every time I leave DD2 my settings reset.
  7. I think its should just be a 3/4 vote or a majority of the votes to kick someone that way a single person can't abuse this kicking power and any person can type for ex: /kick to start a vote
  8. I think that they haven't implemented it yet. Just remember the game is still in pre-alpha and there's plenty of suggestions that may be added to the game .
  9. can you solo with one type of character or do you need multiple?
  10. Remeoj Game crashed Idk what happened, just crashed screenshot: http://gyazo.com/38fd293bd531f266c477cf8bfe3867b4
  11. Yay, no power leveling from other people. I love legitimacy.
  12. Yea I like the idea of casters getting a bit more mana in chests for repairing that way they can use it for towers but it would actually be wiser for casters to save the money rather than spend it
  13. As of now 15-20, but I'm currently lvl 19 and might move the lvl group to 20-25 soon. I'm an Apprentice and looking of course for the other 3 character types on of each for diversity reasons. I don' think it would benefit us to have 3 squires xD. Anyways information in case it affects your criteria are down below: -Time Zone:EST (Don't need to be in EST, just what we are basing time schedules on) -Need a way of communicating via Skype or Teamspeak -What we need: __Hunter __Squire __Monk (Those without an x is what is needed so far) If you believe you fit the criteria, then post how you can communicate and what position you're interested in!
  14. Although the community being pretty nontoxic so far and VERY friendly, in the future there might be one or two people who wouldn't like to share mana/crystals. Everyone whos played DD2 knows that crystals drop when you kill a monster, but I find it unfair that Squires and Monks who are melee pick up all the crystals do to being melee/half melee and pick it up by default for being close to the crystals while Apprentices and Huntresses have to stay in the back do to their kits and how they play. I'm not sure how to balance this. Usually, people give me crystals to build something which is great, but this may lead in to an unbalanced way of distribution of crystals.
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