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  1. okay bought dps set now need builder armors
  2. still no offers? i pay well...
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/id/MoldyBroccoli Add me I am interested in some of your Armor.
  4. Hi I wish to buy gloves I added you. Edit: I'm going to bed I will msg you tomorrow
  5. Needs to be over 60^+ and mythical. Builder Chain Chest(no negative tower stats) Builder Chain Helm (no negative tower stats) Builder Plate Boots (no negative towers stats) http://steamcommunity.com/id/MoldyBroccoli Add me. Should be on daily 10am-10pm PST
  6. I was past 200m so I didn't actually gain any mana from it. It's the thought that counts, though :3
  7. I have over 1b mana... presents gave me no mana. So sad.
  8. The mace. Saying "oh hey grats on that exploit" sincerely, would cause me to murder myself as i still have standards. There is plenty where that mace came from haha
  9. Wow! Christmas tavern! :P
  10. Aside from that, nice find :) The mace? Yeah it's pretty good. Or are you talking about the exploit itself? Either way, I'm fairly certain my game just patched! I'm glad I farmed as much as I did :P
  11. Fixed that, and yes. Assuming no would render you an idiot. Why so serious?
  12. [QUOTE] * Reduced Joust Knockback on Nightmare * No respawns allowed in combat-phase now on Nightmare UMF/UMF2[/QUOTE] You don't want my countess and I to exploit the wave 2 chests of Nightmare UMF2? A little too late :3 http://i.imgur.com/6JT7w.jpg
  13. ^All you gotta do is use a countess to joust the ogres off the edge. Traps+Auras should take care of everything else. I'd recommend farming it while you can.
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