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  1. Its a mock of the presidential race... Not the presidents themselves. I think you missed the point...
  2. Nope, I had this same problem too. This is a steam policy and nothing you can do will change that. Either get one of ur friends to buy the 4 pack, or you have to buy individual copies and gift them to everyone.
  3. I agree with this completely. People think that Trendy is being irresponsible with their releases, but I believe it is something deeper than that... The item design that Trendy implemented is systematically flawed. Every item has the exact same capability of stats as another item of the same type. For an RPG-style game, this is just poor design and lazy implementation. I too haven't really been able to play this game lately, and to be honest, I really don't want to since I am so far behind now. If they would take a month and actually make a unique item system that wasn't based on upgrades and was more balanced, they wouldn't need this massive item inflation just to keep the player base happy. I actually wrote about this exact topic in another thread if anyone cares to read it: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?35195-The-Limitations-of-the-Dungeon-Defenders-Items
  4. You mad bro? Lessoned learned.... Never buy indie games or actually games in general on Steam unless you REALLY want them.
  5. Wow, I had no idea this would be so popular... So I have a few things to mention: 1) I was looking at Dungeon Defenders as if I was a new consumer. The amount of DLC's in 2 months might raise red flags to people skeptical about buying it for the first time. I know that Trendy has been very dedicated to its fans, but there will come a point that it will be overwhelming if this keeps up. 2) I am fully aware of the fact that Portal 2 =/= Dungeon Defenders. I was just trying to get across the point that their DLC is more expensive than other full games, even when it is on sale! For many people, that will be a turn off, as it has for me. I am about being cheap with my money and maximizing my gaming ability with it. Some will agree and disagree about this and I know that. The main reason why I love indie games is that they normally have very solid ideas, but I don't have to pay to much to get quality content as opposed to AAA titles. 3) Upon writing this, I knew I would get hate blasted by many since I know this game has a very devote fan base. So I am cool with that. I tried to get my point across being as considerate as possible, but I know that is not always how someone else will read it. Anyways, thanks for all the posts. I was fun reading them thus far!
  6. One thing that I don't understand about Dungeon Defenders is all the DLC's that have come out recently. If I were a consumer looking to purchase the game, I wouldn't mind the $15 price tag. It is reasonable for an indie title. But by looking further into the game and seeing 5-10 DLC's, I would start wondering why some of this stuff wasn't included in the game to begin with and how they found the time to implement this much in 2 months? I would be very concerned as it would seem they deliberately withheld content in order to release DLC's soon after for a greater profit (a trend that many video game companies are doing lately). But the biggest thing that would grab my attention is how expensive these DLC's are to the main game. A $15 game with a DLC that costs $13 for full price? Pardon my nerd, but that better be a !@#$ing amazing DLC with a !@#$ load of content near comparable to the main game. I mean I literally just bought Portal 2 on Steam for $7.50 two days ago! Not to mention the other 4 DLC's at $2-$5 a pop. It really adds up how expensive this game is when all is said and done without a sale. Indie companies know that competition in pricing is very key to their success in the sea of traditional $60 console games. Unless you are a game like WoW, where you know you will get people to buy an expansion regardless of price, you have to be very careful of how price relates to your fan base. Lately it seems, the dev team has moved to a very AAA title model of DLC pricing, which might hurt them in the long run. I say this because as much as I loved this game (100+ hours played), I refuse to hand out that much for a DLC when there are so many games left to play. Maybe when it goes further on sale I will consider it. Some will call this being cheap, but I prefer to say I will wait for a better opportunity than what is currently available. Just my thoughts on the current trends. Feel free to share opinions.
  7. It's a "chore" because people complained that leveling was too easy. Now people complain that its too hard. People will literally whine about anything. This included.
  8. I am actually impressed this thread hasn't goten trolled yet with the usual Trendy Hate Blast lol. And thanks for the comments and "support" so to speak. We need to let our voices be heard in a civil matter if we want to see a change in the game. So thanks all!
  9. The DLC for the warped core was never free. But people who don't own it can join games online from people who host the games that do own it. This is because you already have the map content for this DLC, but they just added a challenge mode to the maps. This is not the case for the Lost Shards DLC because people don't get to download the files required to run the maps/loot if you don't buy the DLC. At least that is how it came off from the devs and other posts. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Personally, I would really like to see a reduced drop rate in items of good quality first. Furthermore, boss monsters should have the best loot hands down... I don't like how they have made bosses not drop items. It is just silly. Here, have a reward of a randomly generated preset item, everytime! Not the best motivator. Boss drops should be random!
  11. Topic - There needs to be a new item system! Forum Rage I see many people very upset on the forums about how Trendy keeps on releasing bigger and badder gear every other week, making the gap between the mediocre and the rich immense. On the other end, you have people mad that there is nothing left to do since they have farmed out all the high end gear and are now just sitting on millions of mana with nothing to do. You can't have it both ways... A game is meant to be finite, with an end. Some people just don't understand that. What's the Deal? The item design of Dungeon Defenders has pigeon holed the developers into this philosophy. Trying to keep the die hard players happy is really hard, especially when the game is so easy to abuse in terms of leveling and item collection. However, since Trendy has designed items that only differ by stats and upgrades, there isn't much variability or rarity in any one individual item once you get into the Godly armor sets. Yes, there are obviously some items with better stats and upgrades than others, but at the end of the day, it is just more of each stat. Nothing less than that. Game Progression In the beginning, I felt this item design was actually pretty cool. There was never a shortage of items to get in the early game. But as the game progressed, it became very clear that the item design was lacking. In wave of insane, you could find literally 2-3 items that were better per wave than your current gear. It was clearly becoming an item fest, constantly gaining better gear with no signs of quitting. It is all about Design! It all goes back to how the developers decided to design items in the game. As a small company, taking a relatively easy item design makes sense. Balancing would be easier, and adding content would be just as trivial. But now I believe it is biting them in the butt. The only way to make items better is for the stats and upgrades to go even higher than before. There isn't any special about any of the items, or rare for that matter. I know people, including myself, make similarities and differences to Dungeon Defenders from games like Diablo II. Part of what made Diablo II fun was the different styles of item builds and how you can use the items to your advantage with the build of your hero. In Dungeon Defenders, there is no "item building." It is just getting a good set of armor and upgrading it to its max potential. One set of armor is just as effective theoretically as any other set, which is just weird. Some Thoughts So I guess what I am saying is, to keep the game going, the only way they will ever break this system is to start making the items unique. Quality helps, but super rare items need to exist with special qualities that normal items can't have. I am not just saying super stated items, I am meaning there is something systematically different that sets it apart from the other items that aren't as rare.
  12. Yep. 7.13 patch wiped our all shop items. Hundreds of people lost their entire shop, some including TF2 items that will never be restored. Bummer lol. Edit: on a side note, they posted about this almost immediately after 7.13 came out telling people not to update due to this. They already patched it in 7.13a, but if your computer updated and you didn't a) stop the download or b) remove your items from the shop, you stood to lose everything. They had a post saying to email one of the staff if this happened, so I suggest you do that.
  13. Read the 7.13b patch fix... This has been known all night.
  14. hunter(ess) nerf was very needed. But I still have no idea how you guys can justify having a 60 second cooldown on mana bomb. It still is way less useful, far weaker, and far more situational than PS (not to mention suicidal). I understand the Apprentice is suppose to be a "newbie" class, but that doesn't mean the newbie class has to be systematically weaker than other classes, just easier to play.
  15. I'm just going to wait for the another steam sale on the dlcs before I pick up Lost Shards. Just way too expensive of a DLC pack, considering I already bought the character pack at full price (oops). $10 for ~1/4 of the total game is a very high cost DLC for an indie title. Granted, AAA titles are even worse ($10 for ~1/10 the game), but this is an indie game here. Pricing a DLC of an indie game at more than the cost of an entire game is very, very risky imo. Why would I buy that when I could get a full game with an entirely new experience?
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