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  1. Just evolved my Grumpy and he got an ability. Thanks for that but there is still one more thing that annoys me.... Could you give Grumpy some Empowered stats? Every other pet of mine has two Empowered stats except him. He has none.
  2. Close inventory, open inventory. Fixed.
  3. Thanks for that. Pet race: Dragon (Hoardragon, Legendary) Pet element: Fire Ability: Fire Pillar - Create a pillar of fire that deals fire damage to every enemy it touches. CD: 15s Diameter: 4 Dummys in a row || || x || || (legend: ||= Dummy, x = target location ) Number of ticks: 4 ( 1 per second ) Damage conversion: 1 Hero dmg = 0,72 ability dmg (4 ticks) It needs to hit at least 8 enemys to deal more overall damage than Fire Barrage.
  4. Yea, the patch is out and playable. Steam updated the game as soon as it was available for me. (2 hours ago) I have no idea why it's not downloading for you. :/
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