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  1. Don't count on people that won't come back.
  2. To make shops usefull, resell items sold by players. Candidates items are : item upgraded at least once. Their resold version will be unupgraded. This suggestion allow usefull items in shops. They have been usefull enough for one player, so they may be usefull for an other one, contrary to totally random items.
  3. Electrocute Shine - Electrocute 500 Ennemies Electrocute from taser suit doesn't count toward quest.
  4. Will there be content for players that have their heroes 850+ ipwr ?
  5. The only quality you would like to get is the best available, leg. So it is no way a mean to really recycle all items, contrary to current fuse system. You need 3125 Worn items to make one leg item. A different number means many unrecyclable items.
  6. Do you consider builders aren't played ?
  7. It is difficult to get better weapon for builder heroes since weapons are mostly dropped for class of your current DPS/tank hero. So please drop not only for currently active hero but some for all heroes in your deck aswell.
  8. For bringing bad ideas to devs, we should give daily wipes to OP.
  9. Don't ask for something that is broken. They can contribute by crowd control skills. As far as i know, free play is for leveling. If you farm for items for your 50s go to end game.
  10. Unbugged daily - open your quest screen. Reward : you get your daily mission for real.
  11. Please give us full bar of blue mana when joining a game during battle. That's what everyone get at begining of battle.
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