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  1. i touch myself seeing the DD2 Planner. the web page we all knew and loved for DD1 was amazingly helpful for planning and sharing strategies. Seeing an official one makes me wetter than the weather system.

  2. Hello everyone,

    this is not dishing or something like that. This is simply my feedback on some things that i find time consuming about the game so far.

    1. Regarding the new maps on 2nd area. Make the cutscenes not play every time we start a map. I understand you worked on them, showing them one time (the first) is cool but make them not play again the following times (and yes i know they are skippable but still they waste me some time).

    2. Please for the love of Ogres remove the chest animation at the end of each map. it wastes a LOT of time for me and it is really annoying after seeing it for the 123121256th time. You can just have an option or whatever for the chests to just appear in the colours they rolled instantly.

    3. The timer after a match to go back to tavern or replay the map. Why is it even there and why is it so long? I am willing to bet it is there to avoid spamming or whatever or avoiding extra load on servers if people about the replay map without actually playing the map. but you can easily i think put a counter or something and make it not useable for a while like you have already for the ping flag (cant spam it many times without a cooldown).

    Other than that i love the game so far. keep up the good work.

  3. 1. fix the enormous lag in tavern please.

    2. kudoz for the very very very funny patch notes. keep it up.

    edit ; i only clicked submit to post the original post ONCE and it spammed the message like 20 times. sorry for that but it was not my fault it made so many times the same post. please check your logs to debug what happened with my post. i manually deleted all extra posts of mine.

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