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  1. Devstream 23: Onslaught Mode Prototype

    @Ambrosius quote:

    I feel like there are two big problems with the current way onslaught is going to work:

    I. Games should be entertaining, a big part of that entertainment is fun. Onslaught could very well be the "end-game" of dungeon defenders 2. Want to get that awesome legendary item?, play onslaught. This is where randomness hurt the experience. If there is a 25% chance to get an awesome legendary weapon at the end of wave 4 then there will be four attempts without such luck. I feel like when you make certain rewards more "rare" than others the onslaught grind turns into a huge frustration.

    Example: You are grinding for wyvern tokens. 25% (not an official value) chance to get wyvern tokens at the end of each wave. Three out of four times you will finish the wave, looking for an accomplishment and you will not be happy nor satisfied. You should really recieve something for your effort, but you only get the gold, not the tokens. So 3/4 times you will move on empty-handed. As a new player who can maybe beat one or two waves at max i feel like this is going to present a huge problem.

    II. The wave system. I feel like having to beat three rounds of mobs to complete a wave is defeating the purpous of onslaught mode. Imaging guy (A) who barely beats the 3rd wave, gets an item with (e.g.) item power 115. Guy (B) who beats the 3rd wave with ease and goes on to beat the first and second round of wave 4, but doesn't quite manage to get it done gets the same item. More time invested, better items to start, but same reward. Kinda dissapointing. 

    Solution: My solution would be to either a) get rid of rounds all together and just have: wave 1 -> pause and time to build -> wave 2 -> time to build etc. And keep the current scheme with one reward after each round or b) keep the round system and reward one(!) item after you are defeated. By implementing changes to varience in items (no chance at something good, but rather beat wave 2 = legendary item with item power X) this would in my opinion turn out the be a much better system

    Thanks for the read and sorry for any possible mistakes.

     This is where randomness hurt the experience. If there is a 25% chance to get an awesome legendary weapon at the end of wave 4 then there will be four attempts without such luck.

    25% means that there would be THREE attempts without luck and 1 with luck. in theory. in practice you could roll more fails than that.

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  2. Devstream 23: Onslaught Mode Prototype

    @SirPonPon quote:

    I think having guild would be pretty cool in game. It would be nice to have a group of people I mesh with or can can play with a lot and get to know without having to add a ton of people. Also it would be cool if guild cud compete somehow, like if you had higher level maps that a would show top guild with high score or if you had map that held more than 4 people in it kinda like raids in mmos. Also if you had Guild hall that you could walk into from the social tavern and customize that would be sick. Also i get huge lag when I log onto the social tavern, Lots of people and towers always out, I feel like starting in a private tavern would be better for people who might only be loging on to hatch pets/check dalies esc So they won't have a ton of lag.

     love this as well.

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  3. Devstream 18: May 1, 2015

    @Favole Crystalis quote:

    My thoughts on the Devstream:


    More incubation slots. I like the "both" currency idea as well; pay money if you want, or earn the gold. Yess.

    Wyvern tokens either need to be be easier to get (maybe 3 or 5 dailies) or lower the prices.  I also agree on the point with accessory experience, as well. I know I dont like having so many timesinks in games like this, so something that can be accomplished by burst playing is great.

     2nd the part about the tokens.

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  4. Become a Beastmaster!

    this looks like a trap to make people fast feed pets. like a diamond sink. please dont resort to sales tactics like this. it annoys a great deal of the player base. eventually (yes eventually not right away) it will hit you back.

  5. Dev Log 19: April 15, 2015

    @GenesisOverlord quote:

    Can i have a beta pass i really love this game it would love to help thanks for all your hard work

    P S . Best game ever

     no beta passes. but game is on steam for money which you get back in in game currency. (actually get back more) back to you when the game launches and goes free to play. if you search other sites as well (like g2a for example) you can find very cheap prices for it even. but to be honest the money they ask on steam is fair for the amount of fun you get out of this.

    PS : i am not affiliated in any way with this company or steam or g2a or whatever. just a guy who played around 800+ hours on the original, have played zero hours on eternity nor will i spend my money on that, but i plan to play a hell of a lot of dd2 (already 110 hours in and counting).

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