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  1. I find it a little funny that something thats meant to kill cannot even DAMAGE. 
  2. I Love it so far. I hope for this to improve for as long as possible. I have always been a fan of DD and (not as much) DDE. There are problems. Like some abilities being hard to find e.g. (Fav) Superconductor. I hope for the best and SHADDUP AND TAKE MY MONEY FOREVER!
  3. Money can be easy to earn if you play maps and win. 
  4. This is amazing to see secret eggs like this! I wonder if there is some for the other types? Or what special pet is in them?
  5. ( We should use gold to buy the titles. Some of them, not all of them. ) The councilor ( For defense Council ) The Electric ( for reaching 5 mil electric aura damage) The Cannonballer ( For 5 mil cannonball tower damage ) The Trapper ( For 5 mil explosive trap damage ) The Fiery ( For 5 mil flameburst tower damage )
  6. This is just really weird. Wonder if they are going to say about it.
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