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  1. This game has taken more and more away from the towers in this td game. I do think it should be a kind of 50/50 split between heroes and towers doing damage, but right now, Heroes trump all, by a lot. And are 100% REQUIRED for some aspects and mechanics. Shards are underpowered in most difficultiesProgression is hurt by this weird allotment of weak shardsTower range at max level is pitiful (It shouldn't take ascension levels and a maxed out shard to have 80% of towers to have viable range)New enemies completely negate most towers (if you don't have a monk maxed out, shielded enemies just away all td from the game)Damage per defensive unit for almost all towers is very poor. With a few being way too strong. (poison dart tower will still be negated completely by shielded goblins) Difficulty Solo has gone sky highUnique spheres that made builds different are locked by the highest difficulty in their shard form Most shards feel too basic, especially for a majority of difficulties.Favorite, most typical tower in the flameburst tower completely changed to a short range nightmare Item progression needs rounded out in a big way. If you have 4 heroes in your deck, you should never HAVE to play certain other ones to beat the enemies in the game. I play the 4 heroes I like. But without auras, The shield goblins just win (solo player as well). Tower Range needs bumped up at it's base, by a fair amount. I'm fine with having trade offs for extra range in the ascension, but for 50 levels +, you shouldn't have to struggle with almost no range. Can't even hit spear throwers. A lot of towers/traps need buffs. like huge buffs. Like x2 damage kind of buffs. It's a problem if the DPS per DU is less than half of the top towers in the game. Explosive traps for example. I know there are many ways to slowly beef up these towers through ascension and the best shards ,but the best towers will get beefed up to, and no reason to use things that don't do even a 3rd of the damage of a fulled geared top tier tower (PDT, etc.) Right now, you created an end that focuses on a rise to near infinite power, broken levels of damage. However, you nerfed everything else to compensate for it, and it led to a very difficult path to efficient power progression to this infinite state. In conclusion, the game has shifted from decent tower defense with a mix of kind of OP hero damage, to A hero defense game, with towers just kind of being a small layer of damage, or for blocking enemies with a terrible progression road for newer and middle of the road players.
  2. Poison Dart Tower seems to be over performing (maybe if the other damage had an accompanying legendary, they would be comparable for future challenge difficulties?) Poison Dart Tower does more dps than a more geared Flame Burst Tower. It hits harder single target than the Earth Tower, and does more aoe than the flame burst tower with the poison bow. Earth Tower not strong enough to be single target only. Flame Burst tower underperforms. Explosive trap with the uber is pretty weak still. Storm Gloves do too much damage without even effort. If the rumors of super duper hard content is coming, storm gloves and poison dart tower MAY be okay, but if that is the case, every other tower in the game is underperforming and would be impossible to be used if things become "poison dart tower is weak for new difficulties" scenario
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