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  1. i heard that items not autocollected were deleted and that the scavenger's only use is to hold items that fall off of the map. this is how trendy gets you to buy bags to keep you from having sell every round :P
  2. Are you sure your special skeleton kill count wasn't reset due to the social tavern bug? Anyone affected by it was supposed to receive a free Bearkira egg.
  3. Banned for having a name I cant make a pun out of.
  4. I was totally gonna post something similar to what you said. It really irks me that the original game had unlimited hero slots and this game costs me $5 every time I don't want to pay 1500 gold and recycle a hero to try a different build which I want to try... *cough cough* pumpkin huntress *cough cough*
  5. Banned for searching *** cats on the internet :3
  6. Lil Caesars Solid Snake or John Rambo?
  7. Well i tried explaining this to some friends so im gonna try and say this in a more simple way. A legendary egg drops, a mythical egg drops, and a powerful egg drops. I put a premium skin on the legendary egg and get a legendary headless horseman. I put a skin on the mythical egg and get a mythical Evilwick. I put no skin on the powerful egg and I get a flickerwick.
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