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  1. survival mode was a lot of fun in DD. 5 waves is no where near as fun as survival
  2. Sowel


    I was just thinking the same thing earlier today.. It could add a little bit more skill to the combat
  3. Just to help save on confusion. Change the first version of the tavern you enter to be the town square just outside the tavern, It could even be a social hub. Have players enter tavern by walking in the door from outside. This game has some awesome external visuals of the castle that would be a shame to just hide away in the first few levels
  4. There is a trade sub forum on steam :) Not sure how much love it gets.
  5. I like the idea of auto sell.. it would be nice to set up a feature that lets you auto sell items of a specific nature, Such as setting up a rule to auto sell all common polearms below level 10.. Allowing the user to create a number of rules like that gives people more options to play with (and we all know how pc gamers love options) and adds some nice functionality to the game. leaving loot on the floor to auto sell like you said would be nice too
  6. Sowel

    New Classes?

    That was probably back when the game was a MOBA A lot has changed since then, you cant lock out charters people have spend hours levelling up and getting gear for :P
  7. Would you happen to know here I can find a list of the towers and attacks that synergies well together? All I have found is Water and Electric.. Dose fire and ice work together? In real life rapidly heated ice can explode... If I am going to use this as a topic I will need a couple of examples!
  8. That's a good point, I was thinking about talking about synergy but I'm not sure if I should do it as a part of the build stage with planning and strategy or the combat stage as a lot of them require you to actively use them... its one of the topics I end up ranting about but I would definitely put it as a game play element rather than visuals.. but your right they do look cool!
  9. I have to critique a game for my college assessment based on two elements of game play and two of visual style.. I have already decided to talk about the the way lighting is used to show the point you are defending as bright and the places you are being attacked from as dark along with all of the physiological implications that has. The problem now is I'm spoiled for choice... I find myself ranting, I did start planning out a section on the visuals when you upgrade towers but I started to drift into game play. When it comes to game play I am thinking about using the strategic tower defenc
  10. Sowel

    New Classes?

    True but it is better to voice our concerns early with the hope of preventing them from wasting time and money on a mistake.. :)
  11. Sowel

    New Classes?

    Hmm I can understand where you are coming from but it's just time-limited items and consumables are rarely if ever cosmetic ... but we are getting a bit off topic here.. :P
  12. The problem with being able to use characters both online and offline is it leads to people editing save files and giving themselves crazy stats like they did in the first game. In this one player information is saved on the server making it impossible for people to do that. meaning the game is much harder to hack. I can understand the benefit of offline mode but it would need to be completely separate from the online.
  13. Sowel

    New Classes?

    your right about the link.. Look for comment [[675,hashtags]] posted by [TrendyEnt] iamisom Here It is just after the 3 quotation Full quote from that section This is a great question. Many elements of our monetization model aren't finalized just yet. What in particular are you worried about in this scenario? My guess is that you're worried about time-limited items (which we don't know if we're going to do or not) disappearing during server maintenance. We'll keep this in mind as we continue to create our monetization model. I hope that clear up what I was talking about. I agree that if they
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