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  1. Shared loot is better when playing with friends, sure, but the current system is absolutely better when playing with random people, which trendy seems to think will be the primary mode of play. I certainly never do it, but I'm sure they have stats that say otherwise.
  2. Care the elaborate on how it isn't up to par as you suggest? I've logged over 100 hours on DD2, and have taken 6 characters to level 25. I have not once encountered anything massively imbalanced. There are some pretty difficult lane mob combinations, but you're told what's coming and the intensity/difficulty of that particular lane before the wave starts, as to offer a chance to bolster that lane. The 10+ bracket is fine, you just need to attempt to use different strategies in different lanes and accommodate for the oncoming difficult mobs. You can see how hard a lane is by the coloured bar under the lane name. Change your defences accordingly The game is massively unfinished. There will be a ton of new features that will directly affect balance and require changes. I'm not complaining about the balance because as I've said I've had no problems. But it's still obviously not finished.
  3. Balance is a continuous process in any game and is never finished, and it's especially not finished here. That said I've completed all the 10-15 normal maps duo with a buddy and we've yet to have any trouble. I've also completed one solo after he logged off(this was quite hard because I only had a monk). Honestly they weren't really much more difficult than the 5-10 maps. You may be doing something wrong.
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