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  1. Hi, im a returning player and long time dd player. i dont have any friends that play anymore and was hoping to find some people to group with. i was level 85 when i stopped playing (before warden and rogue released). I have grinded up my heroes to levels 93-99, completed massacre campaign, and am working on breaking into rifted survival and getting my first rifted armor sets. if anyone wants to play feel free to add me. I prefer people from the states/canada for smoother network stuff, and i'm 28 so people around my age group would also be nice. I can use discord to chat if thats something you
  2. So this seems like a pretty well known problem in the game. For those of you who don't know, if you get items whose stats roll higher than some ceiling amount, they actually become negative. Here's an example of a Djinnlet pet I got from Insane Hardcore Survival that rolled into the negatives: http://i.imgur.com/2U2Nn.jpg. It's actually better to roll a *lower* statted item than a higher one in this case, since it won't roll over into the negatives. I don't actually see this happen when I leave hardcore mode off, so I think that's a good indicator of what's causing the problem. I haven't se
  3. Has anyone else noticed a massive drop in damage on some of the squire's towers with this patch? I am not sure of exact numbers, but my friends and I tested on all our squires, and the damage appears to be somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 the damage it was before the patch. This is on the harpoon and the bowling ball turrets, it appears. Testing on the training dummies, the bouncer blockade now does more DPS than the harpoon, and that just isn't right, is it? I looked in the patch notes, and didn't see anything about this huge of nerf... Bug, maybe? i just tested this in my tavern, an unupgraded
  4. The parent Monk costume is far too slow to give you the momentum you need to get off the Goblin Airship. Sadface, etc.personally i don't use the parent costumes because i think they look dreadful and the movement speed is very irritating, but i have seen a number of people in my games use the monk costume on the boss without dying, without a problem.
  5. Ive heard stuff about the random number generator being broke. Could this be product of it? I think Im going to get rid of the weapon just because it looks bad though.if you havn't done anything there's no need to get rid of it, if trendy does look at your acc for whatever reason they'll know you didn't get that illegitimatly and that's all that matters.
  6. Bullocks. We are playing to have fun. If some people decide to spend 1000 hours of work on something which is supposed to be fun that is their problem... Never should a game revolve around having to work to have fun... I got real life for that and in real life I get paid to work (and handsomely if I say so...)some people like me find it fun, which is why we put 1k+ hours into the game. This thinking is hipocritical, if you play to have fun and don't care/want to spend the time neccesary to get to end-game content, why are you complaining when you can't cheese through what we have spent tho
  7. The only thing to watch out for is if you start a Private Match and click Hide, then click Show.. you are now visible to everyone. There is no way to go back to a Private match once you hit the Hide. It really should be a Hide/Show/Private button.i know that used to be the case several months ago, but i hide all my private games and unhide them whenever i want a friend to join and i have never once had a random join my private game in a very long time
  8. Let's say there are 5 summoners in Talay and one huntress. Does this mean that there will be more armor drops or is huntress/armor drops still equal?i do believe its still equally random the only way to get only armor drops is to have all players be summoners
  9. there is a hide game button that essentially bans all players (friends or not) from joining your game. Press Esc and in the top right there will the hide/show button. keep in mind that if the button says hide, that means if you click it it will hide the game. if the button reads "show" that means that the game is hidden i used to always get that ^^ confused
  10. I'm not sure how you equipped the utlimate weapon when you are level 79. Am I missing something?the point of this thread? :P thats the glitch friend!
  11. So i'm on talay, i lay one down and out pops!!!!! a 4DU slice n dice. .....just wow i mean, nobody in NM would in their RIGHT MINDS use a slice and dice, and to top it all off any presents that fail eat DU. so on a survival build, where i can get really lame choices of towers, why would i Ever gamble for such a lame tower? also, the wheel of fortune? i know i only tried it 3 times, it's easy to use but the problem is it upgrade 1 nearby tower? i'd save more time just upping it myself. now maybe i didn't try it enough, but it would be way cooler to have it upgrade every tower on the ma
  12. i can also weild any level of sicarious on my jester, currently 80 with an ult sic. it seems to only apply to sicarious' though.
  13. So, we were doing Ramparts on Insane, Hardcore Survival. I had a friend who was trying to level up his Apprentice, so I did all the building. She pretty much stood near the two crystals and watched for loose Wyverns. Anyway, I goofed and fell to my death. During this time she stopped gaining XP. Her XP bar didn't go up at all after I died. The wave was 20, and it was 894 out of 2359 when I fell. She got the end wave bonuses, but her XP bar never moved otherwise. Now, I know mine shouldn't have moved because I died...but does the other players not get XP anymore if one player dies? I
  14. Oh ok, I hope you're right. Would really hate to lose all the data I have. I ask because I tried installing Binding of Isaac on my laptop, and the data didn't carry over. So I was wondering if it was the same for this game.your data didn't carry over because most games save data to somewhere in your my documents folder, and as far as i know TBOI doesn't utilize steam cloud. you can copy your data from the my documents folder to your laptop to continue playing from the same state if im not misatken
  15. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?74555-Steam-Downtime-in-an-Hour-from-this-Post The downtime was just 20 minutes late. not complaining about the steam d/c. im complaining about not being able to create games after said d/c.
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