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  1. Now. Atm i mostly use Lightning Strikes Aura as in my eyes its balance compared to the basic lightning aura with damage, speed and area of damage. Lightning strikes hits alot harder but is very slow and hits 1 target... well.. good tradeoff. There is only 1 thing the developers did not take in consideration.. combo viability. When only looking at the numbers, its perfectly fine. Good tradeoffs, each their own choice. HOWEVER Lightning Strikes has a massive flaw compared to the basic version in matter of combination of elements. What i try to say is this.. If an enemy is wet and steps on a basic lightning trap... it gets damage and stunned. This will happen to every single enemy that steps on the trap and recieves damage (which basically is a 100% ratio). The Lightning Strikes Aura however only damages 1 enemy... NONE of the other enemies have even the smallest chance of getting electrified. While again.. the numbers compared to the normal lightning aura are perfect imo, the combo thing is a con of the skillsphere that goes beyond any chance in numbers in my eyes. What i would suggest is not only a subtle minor chance, but also one that would solve this in 1 go. Seeing as the Lighting Strikes aura has a very low attack rate (most people would be around 3.0/attack secs with a nice amount of defense speed) i would suggest this: Make it so that everytime the Lightning Strikes Aura attacks a mob, it counts as if it ripples electricity through the entire Lightning Strikes Aura... this ofcourse deals 0 damage, but works as if the enemy has recieved lightning damage and will give the chance to stun just as the normal aura would every single hit. This would make it have a similar combo usability as the basic lightning aura.. but due to the fact that the attackspeed/damage/areadmg ratio already is quite balanced and the Lightning Strikes Aura will still only have a chance to electrify anyone within the area once in a long time.. it will not make the Lightning Strikes Aura superior to the basic version in any possible way. Atm i feel like getting punished for taking Lightning Strikes as it will not only just hit 1 target but also only has a chance to only electrify 1 target meaning 99% of wet enemies will get trough an entire row of Lightning Strikes Aura's without a single hiccup. This easy fix would solve that problem. Now i do realise everyone has their opinion so if you feel like you have a better way or a different method/opinion.. do please mention it. Also i realise not everyone using Lightning Strikes Aura actually has a problem with this... 100% agree with it if you dont, but as someone who loves performing synergies with friends, its painfull ;D
  2. We have said this since the start of closed alpha though... still +1 to this in hope...
  3. These questions go about the Lightning Strikes Uber so i guess if you never even tried it, skip this thread :D Anyway: 1. Seeing as Lightning Strikes Aura only hits 1 enemy, wouldnt an radius increase with an medium skillsphere reduce your damage seeing as you cannot place as many near eachother as without the radius increase? (which is btw annoying... a defense that only hits 1 target but has to be spread out so far.. cant say there is a viable reasoning behind it either. Its not THAT high damage that it justifies the radius limit) 1.1 Leading to the fact that if you have an lightning strikes aura monk that you swap out before combat only has acces to 1 good medium slot (5% defense crit) and none of the other medium skill spheres can do anything at all when the character is swapped out meaning 1 medium slot will just be useless and probably be filled with a random filler? (and if so, what would anyone recommend to place here best?) 2. I have read alot about how strong Lightning Strikes WAS. Is it still viable or did they nerf it so much into the ground that it sadly can be forgotten or is it still a good option?
  4. Asking this mostly to see wether it doesnt matter what premium pet you get or wether you want to go for higher rarity for better stats or something.
  5. Kinda happened at us to. Had to use lighting aura's and some skills to deal dmg to it through the ground :S Tends to happen at 25++ to
  6. Atm there is an massive amount of crashes whenever there are alot of particle effects and mobs on the screen for no reason ´╗┐Hope they fix it soon.
  7. Will hopefully be boosted (lololololol) yeah
  8. This is actually a very good solution, if anything it would make the playerbase happy, seeming as their time is now being used up by levelling, not just enjoyment. Well it would make me happy atleast. :D Rather see this then a normal reset. Its a co-op game.. gear and levels dont define the amount of fun like in for example MMO's. Dont think a reset would be needed in this genre
  9. Nothing you can really do untill they add a report-typew kind of option
  10. Are you guys sure it gives better gear.. because all i can find is grouping have more dropchance... not better items.
  11. Correct. Though i mean.. i do like it so.. well.. :P Dont nerf my Monk! Hes fine! PLS! Just dont look at the stunned enemies! Just forget i ever said it! XD XD
  12. I disagree. +20% damage and +10% damage reduction to towers means that I spend 40 mana to save 30 mana building a 5th (!) tower. And upgrading the boost is even less valuable: 50 mana to get an extra 1% (!!) damage buff. At higher levels with better gear it works out better, as the damage boost percentage rises above 30%, but early game it's not worth it. Oh, and the 10% damage reduction value never changes, it's flat. Thanks for pointing out the +1% yeah. Forgot about that part. It really should be +5% and go for both dmg and dmg reduction.. would be alot better.
  13. Well it really needs some balance maybe a lower in the chance of applying the drench effect, but in the end it is really only effective when inside an eletric aura and doesn't work on ogre but yeah needs to be lowered a bit but not to the point of turning it into something useless You are totally misunderstanding me. Its not the drench effect on the weapon that im talking about... ok.. let me clarify it better: If you have a monk with a weapon with a drench effect? ok? ok! When you summon a lightning aura... every strike of that lightning aura has a chance to drench enemies since it inherents the drench effect <- dont question this... it just does, regardless of what anyone thinks (even when the monk is 3783938932583 km away.. the lightning aura still drenches people). So what happens in.. an enemy steps inside the aura, immediatly gets drenched by the aura, gets stunned because hes drenched and then the lightning aura keeps drenching the enemies thus refreshing the stun. You can place a t1 lightning aura in a lane, stand on 87438398 km away and spawn 59909 firebreathing dragons in that lane... and the trap will 24/7 stun and kill them without you even attacking once. Is that more clear?
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