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  1. Well, if you have the coobs. Ill take the saw ;)
  2. I'm just wondering that the banked mana didnt changed at all getting those 2 ++ rug beaters. Must be a bless of rngesus getting it in one run. Considering I farmed over 180 of them, all max. supremes. :)
  3. Need an IC to this too, thanks :)
  4. Bugs I noticed: - Traps are still not touching buffbeams when those are on a higher/lower height level than the traps - Im not seeing the 42 confirmation message when hitting this on the Dance Machine in Moonbase - when generating manatoken with 2 as the number length, it's not working, but putting a 0 before the number generates one (i.e 056) Suggestion: - maybe more precision when dropping items on floor? :p
  5. Please fix the Reflection Walls copter rockets letting through, bug. Just let an ogre stand inside (intersecting) the wall while it's hitting a tower. Best reproduced on KG topfloor.
  6. Okay for the goblin copter rockets going through the reflection walls: Let an ogre stand there and hit a defense (tower/minion) while he's inside the wall (intersecting it)
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