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  1. Haha. That's what I was expecting. Thanks for acknowledging the post and that there may be more weekends in the future. Whatever it is that you guys are doing to motivate the Gobus, keep it up! really having fun with DD2!
  2. Hey all, Really loving the direction that Trendy is driving the game right now. Was wondering if anyone knows when we may see the next XP bonus weekend? Its totally greedy, but I was hoping for one this weekend as I will be leaving town for work on the 7th and wont be back till Turkey day.
  3. Thanks Huata. Figured that is how it would be, but stranger things have happened...
  4. so I have to ask. watched juicbags vids, and he says that the ascension dmg cap increases, but does the ascension cap also increase for the ascension talents such as hero crit chance? if that increases, could see it giving stupid high crit chance.
  5. Definitely real. Such competition ensures that Devs put their work first and frivolous things such as family second.
  6. Oh man Zimmermann, didnt realize thats how its done. Ive been trying to combine them with a hydraulic press...
  7. I took a step back from the game for a while when the shard system first launched. I came back with this new launch update, and must say that I am pleasantly surprised. Is the game perfect? Well no, but I can see it improving and can see where Trendy is trying to go with it. I have to thank Trendy for the good effort even if i dont always agree with the results. Seriously, I want more maps per chaos tier. Heres hoping Trendy keeps trending towards better days and new experiences
  8. nope, not just you. it can be a bit wonky at times
  9. Honestly ive never been the biggest fan of how they do the math on attack speed. this time interval method seems overly convoluted. To my mind it would be easier to have the tooltip show attacks per second. That would also be easier to scale. even if a towers attack was 0.11/sec and each point of speed only increased it by 0.01/sec would be much simpler. At least to my not math friendly mind it seems that way.
  10. Hey all, So ive noticed that when i equip the hero crit shard, my hero stat shows as 10% regardless of whether i have the hero crit shard equipped or not. no ascension points put into it. Has anyone else noticed this?
  11. True, it is quite often mostly Illusory. However, even knowing its illusory, most people tend to draw some satisfaction from seeing that next number come about. And there does (at least for me) seem to be something quite satisfying about returning to a difficulty i could barely clear previously and dominating it. I see it as a ROI (return on investment) for every X amount of time invested into the game, I receive Y as reward. Though your idea of arcade game is not bad, for me and many others, once content or story has been cleared we move on if we arent getting anything for our time. I believe that the illusory sense of progress is critical for a game.
  12. I like OPs, but with Cantriped's alteration of each lane rolling a theme. I would think themes would be easier from a technical standpoint, as each theme could have a pre-made spawn chart as opposed to each lane having to generate a new spawn chart at the start of each map.
  13. actually levels exist to provide measurable progression. Ascension is the one part of the patch that I think is a truly good idea. Back in the days of D2, online gaming was in its infancy we didn't have a ton of choices. Because of this, game companies could make a game that had little to no progression and people would stick around because there weren't too many choices. Nowadays, there are a lot of games out there. For a company to retain users in a market with lots of choice, a game has to accomplish two things. It has to give players a goal, and it has to give them a way to measure progress towards that goal in a relatively short amount of time. Otherwise they will lose players. Now we have the ascension system. A goal of gaining more power with a sense of progression measurable by a new rank every couple of maps. The endgame concept is outdated. when people reach the end of content they tend to move on. Yes every game will have that elite small percentage at the top which will always stick around. But they typically arent enough of a population to sustain a game. Instead of "end game", it should be called early game to cover the learning and initial gearing and late game for tuning and perfecting the gear and stats through continuous progress.
  14. What is going on Trendy? you nerfed the towers and skills that made this trials patch tolerable. instead of making more options viable, you made far less viable. not to mention the horrid drop chance for the better shards. I bought into this game to play a tower defense with RPG elements. Now it has become an ARPG where towers are pretty much useless. Had I known this was the course the game was to take, i would not have invested the time or money that I have. I may come back some day should the game ever become a TOWER defense game again...but it doesnt seem likely. Goodbye Trendy
  15. Sadly, though well intentioned, the new patch has really hurt the game. It is still possible to have fun, but it feels as if every system has something off about it. Either broken or just off. Please feel free to make your own opinion, but to me it just doesnt feel "there" at the moment.
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