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  1. I haven't played DD2 much since I bought the $70 Co-Op Pre-Alpha back before the website went down. However, after just recently learning about the lawsuit between Trendy Entertainment and Wildcard because of the whole Ark: Survival Evolved (A game I spent a great deal playing far more than DD2), I don't know what to say. The thing about non-compete clause in a contract they had on a developer that left, where he's not allowed to take part in making a game, it's like telling someone "You're not allowed to have a job in your career field until that clause expires" is like saying "Hey, be unemployed for a year or so, cause we want you to suffer for what you did" is a serious piece of *** move to put into a contract. I, for one, if I ever worked for any video game company, I will not sign ANY contracts that will have some stupid clause that would force someone to literally not be able to get a job in their career field should they leave their current employer. I used to love Trendy, I loved Dungeon Defenders, was an amazingly great game (the first one). Can't say the 2nd one has pulled me in yet, but because of what is going on, I am now regretting ever having spent a dime on Trendy, and supporting them. If they continue with this lawsuit with Wildcard, I will never purchase nor play another Trendy game again, and will spread the word, and this would cause Trendy to lose far more faithful customers, and profits, than what they'd get from suing Wildcard in the "short run". Then again, it's probably what they want, is to make some quick cash, but in the end, it'll destroy their reputation and supporters, and lose alot more money in the end.
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