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  1. Siege roller: DPS is essential to deal with them at this point in time. Not sure if I expect this to change but I imagine they may be getting changes in the future (they've made people a bit upset). Building: there are (two?) maps without siege rollers, they feature other mechanics instead. You could grind them if you choose to but some drops are exclusive to maps that have siege rollers on them. Community: personally I've been having a good time playing with RL friends and making some new DD pals. Solo play is actually in a pretty good state. Trendy: forecast is good on TE taking appropriate action to keep the game fair and fresh, fingers crossed but high hopes. Current meta: haven't personally seen a lot of dryads/used dryad a bunch. Meta is pretty stale atm with PDT/Frosty/Serenity and variants reigning king. Expect balance changes soon though. Unsure about hero obsolescence but I believe we're anticipating a rework/overhaul of the base four heroes to bring them in line with the more modern hero designs? (Citation needed). The base four heroes still keep up imo anyway. Heroes: going to purposely avoid this as it's all personal preference and it's your money. Update question: incoming streamlining of inventory management + separation of items and passives (items have "sockets" of some sort and you slot passives into them and passives will drop on certain maps and be upgraded like items is the current high level overview, subject to change). Surprises and new content along the way (hopefully). Maybe hold out for a little bit on the costumes at the moment. I really don't anticipate that PDT/Glitch Witch/etc. will go unchanged for very long.
  2. Can we get some clarity on exclusive content please? Right now it's not clear what it means for content to be limited/exclusive, what things are eligible to come back at some point and what stuff is gone forever? Are seasonal winter/Halloween costumes coming back? Regularly at the appropriate time of year or bundled with other content at random? Are the survivor outfits locked to wipeageddon? I assume steam accessories/collectors edition outfits/defense council rewards are actually exclusive? Is my apprentice doomed to forever go without a santa hat or will winter lockboxes see a return? etc. I'd appreciate it if we could standardize how we talk about this stuff e.g. seasonal means back every year/some years, exclusive means never to return, limited means comes and goes on a whim, retired means well I don't actually know what it means because you call some stuff retired and put it into bundles on steam anyway so are those going away at some point or are they "retired" to the bundle (not being offered standalone)?
  3. Try searching for dungeon, that's how I found mine. If you still can't find it, I'd wait for a bit because they are going to email everyone their codes anyway. If you start hearing that everyone else has codes and you still don't within a few days, then I'd contact support via email. Please don't do this if you don't have to, support gets very busy and if you send in a message and then get your code automatically anyway then it really clogs up their work load.
  4. How to get your code as a co-op pack purchaser: At the very top right of this page, next to your avatar and influence points click the little downwards arrow. Click on my purchases. Follow instructions on that page (requires you to have the original email from the co-op pack as you need those codes, if you don't have those/are a first gen councillor then I guess you have to wait for an email) At the top of the list of codes will be a single new code that gives the following: 6,000 Gems ($60 premium currency) Collector’s Edition Rewards Apprentice Dragonfall Costume Huntress Dragonfall Costume Monk Dragonfall Costume Squire Dragonfall Costume Exclusive Dragonfall Defender Title If you already have the Collectors edition rewards then you do not double up on them in anyway, you just get the gems.
  5. Can we get an update on this please? We've been sitting in silence for over a week now. Even just a, "We know, it's taking longer than we thought." would be nice.
  6. Bug: binding b to anything makes you unable to look around your character. There needs to be an option under controls to set the key that lets you look around you character. If you accidentally/intentional bind b to something the only way to get it back is to set key bindings back to default and not bind b.
  7. I agree, we probably aren't in "pre-alpha" right now. We're getting ever closer to feature complete which I imagine is the consensus for being a beta. But I personally find it neither here nor there. If the devs feel comfortable advertising the current state as pre-alpha then it's whatever honestly. The most important thing is that people understand that the current game state is on going development and not representative of a complete state which is what the pre-alpha tag accomplishes. Another point to mention is, just because it's safe to say we've moved into an alpha state do we really want to spend dev time going around and updating all the references to the game being pre-alpha especially when you could still make an argument for us being in pre-alpha. You also have to deal with all the, "We're in alpha now, what does that mean?" and to the average player it means quite literally nothing. As for some general guidelines to development stages: pre-alpha - playable alpha - all core game play present beta - feature complete, unbalanced release - feature complete, balanced What does this mean for DD2? We're kinda alpha, some core game play stuff is still up in the air enough that maybe the devs think pre-alpha is still appropriate. The rate that secondary systems are coming in would suggest a no/very limited alpha phase and at this point I'm guessing we'll skip to beta.
  8. I felt so dumb because I actually had to ask how to do it. I think the coming soon button threw me off a bit but yeah it felt unintuitive being prompted to single click the egg to check what it could hatch into but having to double click to actually incubate it.
  9. Stat reroll pet food did not make it into this patch. In a future patch there will be pet food that drops while playing the game normally that will allow you to reroll difference aspects of your pet.
  10. Click here to see what you can expect to get. An email is going out within a week to get the extra goodies to you.
  11. Hi, this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. - Hold left click to auto attack - Press button to cast skill (continue holding left click) Current behaviour: Huntress stands around doing nothing after casting the skill, if I want to start auto attacking again I have to release left click and hold it again. Ideal behaviour: Huntress continues auto attacking.
  12. Other languages: confirmed, mentioned in a recent dev stream that they are waiting on localization tools and have to modify some other back end stuff like string lengths to support it. Performance: 100% certain there will be ongoing optimization. Previous dev stream briefly talked about this, they're tiding up low performance areas (particularly the social tavern) whenever possible and appropriate.
  13. [[64025,users]] I think that the easiest way to clear this up is if you made a sticky post/appended to the patch notes a list of what everyone should have and what is coming in emails, you can use this as a starting point and write next to it whether it's in game, coming via email, or still in development. That way people will know if something is missing or in transit.
  14. Hey, we signed on for tons of bugs and delays, we're just getting our monies worth. Absolutely 100% checked both the mail box and seamstress. The items I am missing are supposed to be in the game. Dragonfall Defender costumes and title both missing for me (co-op pack purchaser) are these going to be in an email (my understand was only the extra currency was emailed)? Seems unlikely unless the plan is that we get two codes so that our friend we gave the game to gets these as well, can you confirm if this is the case?
  15. My understanding was that smalls were always going to be stat boosts, if it changes then I agree having more = more options = more interesting (to an extent, don't want people just taking every single one).
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