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  1. Other then better frame rates is there any graphics improvements for the One X
  2. Will this prevent the curseakazi auras from getting through also?
  3. What is the point of the hero tenacity mod and does anyone use it, which effects does it actually work against
  4. Patch notes say there are new MODs anyone know what they are and what they go in?
  5. In the emporium the Dryad manican is holding a Ice sword anyone know if that’s a real weapon and how to get it
  6. Playing on consoles we miss one of the most important features that PC players have, and that’s the unlocked camera, I want to be able to turn my camera around and see the awesome costume I just bought for X character or be able to zoom out(barbarian take up so much screen realastate, and chance you guys might look into bring a unlock camera angle option to consoles?
  7. What is you dps with her attacks?
  8. Also does the corrupt form count as buff for the hero buff chip
  9. While I know the dryad is pretty strong as a ability power build, is she also strong as a hero damage build? Anyone play her that way?
  10. I have not reset thisnuodaye started me on floor 29, I got a weapon on 30,40 and 50, went back and played floor 10 and got one but did not get one on floor 60
  11. This is something that has been communicated several times throughout the last couple weeks, As you anciant power you no longer are always set back to chaos1/floor1 to a max of reset to floor 50 and need to get to 80 and I believe that is at reset 30 you hit the max
  12. The reason they dont have cross play is because it's not as simple as the players want it so let's add it, it takes a lot of work and trendy is a small team, they have stated that it is to bug of a hurtle for the size of there team, also Sony doesn't like to play nice when it comes to cross play which adds another layer of difficulty
  13. Bees didnt get nerfed, just a max of three bees can attack a target at the same time now, and bees from the same nest can attack the same target(previously only one bee per nest good attack a target)
  14. I could care less about more heroes during combat phase I only really use one hero during combat maybe two sometimes if in playing a character with bad mobility like the squire I will have a dryad or gunnwitch to switch to just to get around faster, but definitely need more quick slot heroes for build with onslaught and needing several different heroes it makes having to switch heroes in and out of my deck makes build phase take significantly longer then it should
  15. This is not entirely true Both Microsoft and Nintendo have expressed great interest in playing nice with each other the only on the isn't playing nice is Sony. Currently Minecraft, Fortnite, Paladins, and Rocket League all do crossplay between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It'd be very misguided to assume we have not. There are a lot of pieces to this that we WANT to do, but currently there are gray areas about not being able to. One instance is how we have our accounts setup through our proprietary systems. There's no great way to validate "hey this is my account on xbox, and I want it cop
  16. A Mod called Drain Aura. Doesn't that just add a static attack amount to enemies in the Boost Aura range? The question i think being asked is in the OP's first post was that the BA can add AOE attack capability to other defenses...(which i do not think is possible) @024noi quote:So now that boost aura can do damage its totally OP. What other defence can stall, add aoe damage to all you towers in that lane, boost towers in that lane, and do damage. This needs to b fixed asap. or maybe i have missed something out there, if so please enlighten me. Correct the OP said it can add aoe to tow
  17. I forget I have a pet, I have the Dragolich always equiped but never use him, the abilities dont really ad much, yes a can boost my damage really quick but why do I care that it can make me 1 hit a boss when it's faster just to hit them twice then to activate the ability then attack
  18. What shard makes them add aoe damage to other towers
  19. If you dig back acouple years to dev logs 74-77 you fill find more screen shots of a remake of the dd1 map endless spire, that match up to the the steel peek we just got of the new pirate map Also devlogs 79-81 show off a old west style map that is a remake of dd1 map throne room and hopefully that will be next
  20. Wow, that was well said. Spot on IMO. Issue to me is that if a game is too easy to you - you can take steps to make it a challenging as you want it to be. You do not have to play any game the way you are "told" to. I have played many games that i have imposed self-rules on in some manner, and usually have had way more fun in the process. Some of my happiest game memories come from self-imposed rules. You ever do a speed run on a game? Try to beat something with no upgrades of special weapons? long long before trophies every were a thing, many of us did this very kind of things on existing g
  21. Cross platform is growing, Rocket league, paladins, fortnite, minecraft, can all crossplatform play with each other between PC, switch, and xbox, and there is a even larger group of games that crossplay between xbox and PC, and a small group of those games will also crossplay between PC and PS4, Sony is atm locking down and will only crossplay with PC, the only thing getting all systems to play together is getting Sony on board
  22. I dont see trendy doing crossplay until Sony jumps on board. Microsoft has been talking about console crossplay since they announced the Xbox one, and they have finally got games that do crossplay between Xbox, Switch, and PC. Currently Sony is only willing to crossplay with PC so any games that crossplay currently PC players get to choose either the want to cross play with Xbox and switch, Or crossplay with PC, so theres still a separation 9f player base. Trendy is a small team so if they ever add crossplay I dont see them doing it tell they can get a true crossplay between all three platfor
  23. What difficulty did you play on I played NM1 and got 3 also how do you open the hidden chest
  24. I found the article it was still up on yahoo it states that it will be a PS4 through 2015 and that Xbox one isn't off the table but they don't know yet
  25. Or even better when I get home tonight play nonstop tell the morning and not get any sleep
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