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  1. Basically... how can I improve my loot?? Where I'm at: I farm C4 comfortably and just starting C5. 1. I've cleared C5 a few times now but the drops I'm getting in C5 are the same exact stats from C4, which is around 5.5k-5.8k for all relics. 2. I saw some people on youtube saying that they get 7k~ relics in C4. I find that hard to believe since I've been doing C4 for two weeks and I get nothing higher than 5.8k. Is there something I'm missing? What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  2. Kicked players from a match who were voted off unanimously should NOT be able to rejoin the game. It make absolutely no sense otherwise. And since not a lot of people play this game yet, it happens a lot. More than once did my party vote someone off. But he came right back into our game by queuing for the same map. And more than once did we kick the same person the second time, and again he came right back into our game. This needs to be fixed.
  3. Are the settings going to go back to default after every single patch? That's kinder annoyinger.
  4. Go to tavern. Go on Monk. Make elec aura on dummies. Observe damage. Switch to Huntress. Use any auto attack (RMB & LMB). Elec aura will not damage the dummies at all. Stop using auto attacks. Elec aura will continue to damage dummies. Repeat if necessary. Without attacking, auras work: While attacking, auras do not work:
  5. I used only Right mouse attack, and the bug is still there.
  6. Boss be scared or something.. he walks into the blocked spawn zone and... stays there. See? He's in there.
  7. It's actually the same problem as the other guy's thread, "mobs often completely ignore lightning aura damage when switched to other char." I just expressed it differently. :)
  8. Here are my stats: 4-5 blue chests, and 1 purple chest, and the rest green chests. As for drops, 0 legends and about a dozen or so mythics. (Btw, I only play on hard mode). I got a lvl 25, 20, and 18.
  9. At first I thought so too. But I'm pretty sure that's not the case. I tested it out.. My huntress Geyser trap has 59 charges because she's wearing defense hp items. When I switch to my monk to dps, the charges of the summoned traps remain as 59. So that means the stats of the alt characters remains in tact despite who is out to dps. So the problems remains... :(
  10. Omgsh, I just posted a thread about this too! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I want answers too!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I don't like secondary chance thing on huntress. It's bad. Instead, I use drench and long range. Monk is pretty much all 42 points into lightning damage. Apprentice I use freeze and earth knock up. Squire sucks imo. Edit: no clue about the buffs. But that would be nice.
  12. So, basically I got a lvl 25 monk, a lvl 20 huntress and a lvl 18 apprentice. I'm trying to level up my huntress on 20-25 Throne Room, hard mode. I farmed this same map to level up my monk (which I did very easily.) I can beat it while afking (except for boss rounds). But I use the SAME EXACT defense set up, and when I switch to my huntress for dps, I fail miserably because every single lane leaks severely. Question is.. what is the problem?? The ONLY difference is who I bring out to dps with. The rest is the same exact defense set up. So why are the results SO drastically different?! Not j
  13. Like the title says, everything in the settings (graphics, hot keys, audio, etc) gets reset back to default. Don't know if that's a bug, but preferred it doesn't happen!
  14. Farseer [name] because we can see far that this game will be a success!
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