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  1. id play those for sure like with everything , there is always ways to take something good and ruin it or abuse it but overall I think it would add to the game more than it hurts the game
  2. card game is always a popular way to go, might be more than a mini game though. Achievements and titles would be great for the mini games.
  3. when I first heard about DD2 and there being tower combos I actually thought that the towers were going to combine powers this way
  4. Those claw games are so rigged, gimme my pet!
  5. ive had several drop but not one was good at all , for any char, any build...
  6. I had a fight with the loot gods, we aren't talking right now
  7. going fit in a whole carnival into the tavern...add some cotton candy and im in
  8. I guess there could be highscores and stuff so ppl can see who got higher, maybe once in a while they could throw in a cosmetic or one time boost for your next map or something. I know this isn't really part of the real game so it would be the last priority but I love it when games add those extra side things to put the game over the top. I would have the minigames give out trophies and stuff to clutter the tavern with , cause who cant use a million more trophies on top of whatever they will add from the main game hehe... Maybe the community could make their own little tournaments with these minigames, im sure ppl can come up with a lot more of these types of mini games. what other minigames would you guys add? pinball and bowling would be awesome...if they managed to do a duck hunt type thing I would die from happiness (everytime you miss a shot a goblin pops up and laughs at you ) air hockey maybe?
  9. summoners minions were a great addition to the game, the truth is the summoners minions sucked until you got the gear to make them good....I struggled on a lot of the maps till the minions were strong enough to actually defend and attack. In the end game of DDE u had to put towers on an EV beam and use minions along with other towers to make it, so I guess the unbalanced part is that you needed to use EV/MINIONS and it was paid content...but there was nothing magically easy until you had the gear and I didn't mind that you had to use different types of chars/towers to win, they just didn't need to make that part paid content. as an example in end game I remember using (don't fully remember the tower names) the buff beam, missile protection and wall protection from the EV cause they were cheap and useful, spiders in some spots, ogres behind the ev wall beams sometimes, archers, mages (I think they were the ones that healed) from the summoner , ballista from the squire, sometimes used the lightning tower , magic missile tower/fireball tower sometimes from the apprentice, a few auras from the monk, a trap sprinkled in here and there...then I used a monk for dps , sometimes just to use his tower boosting skills I might have missed some towers, but the point is there were a lot of great useful towers and the only thing that unbalanced the game is that you had to pay real money for some towers and once you got the gear, which was not easy to get, things got too easy
  10. IMO DD1/DDE was balanced right...sure some towers weren't great and others were better but that happens in every game ever made...I think the same thing that's being said about this game (dd2) is what they are saying about dde...once you get the end all gear everything becomes way too easy. Im not sure how its unbalanced for the game to get too easy with end game gear , that's actually hard to get , without the gear though... This game still needs to be tweaked and more difficulties put in and all the good alpha stuff but as far as DDE went, it was great unless you are looking through 500+ hr gameplay glasses where u have supreme gear and forgot that to get those items u spent 500+ hrs on one game..
  11. or a mini bowling game with a dd them
  12. the tavern is huge and it would be cool if there were some minigames you can unlock/buy...would be win if there was a DD themed pinball machine in there that you can play or duck hunt 0.0 , would be something to do while waiting for friends or just if you needed a break from the gear grind.
  13. I would love it if you needed to unlock each type and stronger versions by beating the previous one. I wouldn't mind if after you unlock lets say 100% health u can buy 200% and so on with GOLD , but only if you could also do it by beating the the previous 100/200/300/etc, that way ppl have both options. As far as the real money thing, that might fall under paying for content
  14. I would say its better to go with speed till the tower is fast then power, speed lets the tower proc more with whatever skills it has or combo's with other towers
  15. I would do quadruple monsters and just watch the map fill up with death
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