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  1. I figured out where to find the customization (For anyone having trouble, go to your Hero Deck, right click a hero and select "Swap" and then there's a "Customize Hero" button on the right). I'm not sure what the KS skins are. I only have Rifted Skins.
  2. Key bindings on PC are pretty standard, except they don't work unless you can do full key bindings. I logged in, rebound to my usual ESDF setup and started the game... tried to place a tower and found out that "E" is hard coded to show/hide the tower info. I can't move forward while placing towers. Can we please get this fixed? Nothing should be hard coded.
  3. I'm in the Hero Swap menu and I can't find an option to customize anywhere?
  4. In a related note... Pet skins are done wrong. This is another case of RNG applied to real money. I spend 600 gems and then hope the pet doesn't suck and just go into the trash? This is a horrible user experience. I spent the money on The Awakening Costume pack only to get an awful Epic G4-T0 that I'm never going to use. Also, I couldn't figure out if the gem pets were just skins or if they also affected the attacks or stats in any way. I didn't want to buy one to find out since it told me up front that it was all based on RNG and I could get a ***ty one. I would gladly pay 600 gems to apply a skin to an existing pet. This way I know my gems aren't going to waste. I'm not going to roll new pets repeatedly at 600 gems a piece though.
  5. It's slightly better in that if you want one item there is a price limit on it essentially. If there are 10 items, and you want one... then the price is somewhere between 150-1500 gems. That being said, it's still not great. No gambling at all would be better.
  6. Not being able to get duplicate items would help. At the very least I know then that I just have to open X boxes (where X is the number of possible items in the box) to get everything in it. While it still involves some gambling, spending X*150 gems to get everything is much better than spending thousands of gems and not knowing if I'll ever get the item I want.
  7. Maybe read the post? I didn't say remove micro-transactions, I said don't make them ***ty random boxes. You want an example of a perfect f2p system? Path of Exile. Tons of *** to buy, all cosmetic. Hell, even some really expensive ***. No randomness involved in real money purchasing, though; you know what you're getting.. It's doing REALLY well. I'm all for monetizing a game... I'm not for making people gamble with real money for your game. Also, Wyvern tokens are great... except the event boxes are time limited and so are Wyvern tokens, so I get a few random free chances at opening some boxes but I can't even just grind them out or something. ***ty monetization IS a real problem. It's a real problem that's going to drive players away. No players, no game.
  8. Seriously, you're going to tell me I have to gamble to get what I want with REAL money? I'll gladly pay for everything in the lockboxes (I've spent hundreds of dollars on Path of Exile, for example), but I'm not going to pay for a CHANCE to get what I want. What really makes it bad is when the lockboxes are time limited for an event. In fact, that whole model makes me not want to spend money on the game at all and even makes me not want to play the game. Now, there are 3 parts to this... RNG, Real money, and Time limiting. These 3 should NEVER be all combined together. RNG in games is awesome. I love it. Give me all of the RNG in terms of loot and mob spawns or whatever. Keeps things interesting. Real money is obviously necessary. I'll gladly spend it when I know what I'm getting, even if it's cosmetic outfits. I like to support games I enjoy. Then there is Time limiting. Limited time events can be great. It's a cool way to celebrate something. Now, when you start combining them... RNG + Real Money. This is called gambling. If I want to gamble with real money I'll go to a casino. Spending real money and not getting what you want is a REAL bad feedback loop that is going to turn away players. It might work on some players, but then you are just preying on people with gambling problems, and that's not really a good way to treat your players. RNG + Time limiting. This can be okay, but it depends on how heavily the RNG is. The problem is that these two serve the same purpose... to create rarity. RNG is great because it allows for an endless search for that perfect item. Time limiting is fine because it limits just how many of something can be created making it a rare item. When you combine both together you get angry people when they invest a ton of time and get screwed on RNG and don't get that special item they wanted and then it's gone forever. If something is around for a couple weeks and I spend hundreds of hours... if I don't get that special item I had my eye on I'm going to be pissed that it's gone forever. Real Money + Time Limiting. This is completely fine. This is how the special costumes in the shop are. Buy these before they are gone... no problem. I have a fair chance at getting it. No guesswork, no gambling, no getting screwed because I had bad RNG for a week or two. RNG + Real Money + Time Limiting. And this is where it gets real bad. Not only am I gambling, I'm gambling knowing that the item I want will be gone forever if I don't get it in the next couple weeks. I have to gamble, and I have to gamble now, and frequently, until I get that item I want before it's gone. Every time I roll a lockbox and get some ***ty thing I don't want or already have I'm going to get a little more angry/upset. The closer it gets to the deadline the worse I'm going to feel until eventually I hit a "screw this game" point and just quit playing completely. So, what's the solution? It's simple. Put the items in the shop directly. Separate RNG and real money. They don't belong together in a video game. You want to keep the lockboxes? Sure, there's a way to do this. Put everything in the lockbox in the store directly for slightly more (I'm aware that the big costumes are already in the store, but as far as I can tell the accessories are not) and let people decide between buying outright or gambling on the lockboxes. If you at least give players the option to bypass the gambling it's not quite as bad. Even if this only changed for the special event boxes and not the regular boxes it would be far better. Please consider changing this system.
  9. I agree with you even though I am perfectly okay with having dailies. However, claiming they push players away without a detail explanation results in it being just that, a claim. Explain the scenario where this happens. Give the proper reasoning to why a player may feel a certain way. In my specific case (and I've met others that fall into these as well): 1) I feel obligated to log in every day, even on days when I might not be up for playing for whatever reason. Over time, this starts to wear on me and I start to resent the game for trying to control my play time. I could skip a day but... 2) If I miss a day, I lose a lot of motivation to play. I feel like I've fallen behind. This is made far worse in systems where there are exclusive rewards, to where missing a single day can mean I've lost all of my motivation to play again because it's impossible to now "catch up". In cases where there are not exclusive rewards it's not as extreme, but I still feel like I've missed out and fallen behind. Those are the two main reasons. Additionally, it creates an uneven playing field. The play time of someone who can play for an hour a day 7 days a week (7 hours in a week) is worth more than the play time of someone who can play only twice a week for 4 hours a day (8 hours in a week). Someone's time shouldn't be more valuable because based on when they can play. Everyone's time should be equal, regardless of when they can play.
  10. Maybe I'm misreading his post but I don't think he is defending the time limit. More he's saying if they removed the chance of you wasting time hatching a pet only to find out it's complete crap THEN he could see Trendy being able to justify the timer. As for your question why have 1 at all? Playing devil's advocate here, but consider pets for what they are, an item that is limited to a pool of 4 possible stats and only 1 type of quality level. (Yes there's the whole pet DPS stats but I'll get to that.) Now say you've got 10 eggs, without a timer you'd hatch all 10. You'd sort through those 10 hunting for your ideal stat combos and then discard the rest. The issue here becomes it's too easy to find that ideal pet. There's no real thought needed nor any tough choices to make. You want a tower pet, which has the highest def pow and spd? Ok throw away all the others that don't. Done. Now if you were to try this with say a piece of armor, now you got passives, resistances (potentially) and don't forget i-power/qualities that factor in. The choice becomes a little tougher of which is "the best". Not Best in Slot, but just the best one given your choices. That's my best argument that I think could be put for why have a timer. Now do I like the 8 hour timer? Hell no, I think they could still accomplish the same thing if what I've posted above is their goal with a much smaller timer say 3-4 hours. But for all we know they could be just putting the 8 hour timer in place in order to be able to do the beastmaster contest with the goal being to find out what their number generator is doing for pet stats. A lot of tin foil hat going on in that last sentence I know but still... the truth is out there. Edit: damn you punctuation! On the flip side, I would argue that simply reducing the drop rate would have a very similar effect without the negative play experience. Additionally, pets may need more variance to make it so there isn't a clear "best" pet for you.
  11. I don't mind a waiting time, when the thing in question is worth waiting for. As an example, in Warframe it takes 48 hours to hatch a pet egg, and then an additional 24-48 hours for the puppy to reach maturity (when it can be equipped). The pet will be one of 4 species at random (no rarity issues, afaik) and appearance (which can be weighted by using another item during the incubation) but ultimately each pet species is hatched equal. My total time to get a useful fresh pet was 96 hours and 3 log ins. I only needed one incubation. The additional effort of getting a "good" pet was farming for equipment (mods), which I had by the time my pet was mature. A lot of people do keep incubating eggs in order to get a more elusive color or fur pattern, which is fine when the RNG isn't for pet stats as well. The thing here is that the hatched pets can vary a lot in both the type of stats and the quality of the stats they provide. So 8 hours incubation becomes rather punishing. I've hatched 18+ and none of them have had dual tower stats. 3 or 4 have had one tower stat, and all but one were low (20-something) even after leveling up. And the stats they provide at this point should be worth something, since the pet's own damage is negligible, (between 20 and 70, and mostly below 30). So, the thing you never addressed here is why does there need to be a wait time at all? What does waiting add to the experience? I played Warframe and waiting days for my Kubrow to hatch did not add anything for me, it was just annoying.
  12. But... that's *exactly* what Trendy has done...? Lockboxes only contain cosmetic items. Yes, but 1) they've tied it to the in-game loot system. It's another item that drops. It's part of the gameplay instead of an abstract layer. It detracts from the experience when I get loot and go "Oh, can't actually use that unless I pay money for it..." 2) the drops from the chest are random. If it's something you are going to pay real money for (gems) you shouldn't have a random chance to get what you want, you should get exactly what you want out of it. This lockbox system has helped to kill quite a few MMOs for me. This is one of the reasons I quit GW2 after being hyped for years and playing for almost 2 years... they started adding a ton of stuff as lockbox exclusives. I don't know how much of the DD2 stuff is exclusive (or if any is right now), but even so the 2 points above stand. I'm not averse to f2p if it's done right. Path of Exile is the only game that's really done it right that I've seen, though. And that's why I've given them well over $600 at this point. In general, gameplay and pay should be completely separate and pay model should never affect the actual gameplay. If those are kept separate I will throw tons of money at something fun (which DD2 is). If they aren't, I just won't play the game as it's not worth it. I realize this may come off as harsh or whatever, but it's because I really loved DD1 and I like a lot of DD2 right now. I want it to be amazing, and I don't want f2p to ruin any of that.
  13. Really dislike this system. It just stinks of cheap f2p design. This, combined with time gating, is some of the worst f2p "mechanics". I really hope you guys reconsider this whole f2p model. If you want a good f2p model, look at Path of Exile. Remove all of the f2p stuff from the gameplay and just sell cosmetic stuff. Trying to tie the pay models into a game mechanic is really annoying.
  14. Agreed with this post. Time gating advancement is a terrible, awful thing. Please remove the time gating from this system (and the game). Let players play at their own pace, not when you tell them they should be playing. As a player, that just makes me not want to play your game at all.
  15. Daily systems (especially ones that include any sort of reward that can't be earned elsewhere) are awful. Enough that they will make me stop playing a game and give negative word of mouth about it. It's a weak way to time gate players, and it favors players who have more spread out play times than those who can play in bursts. Time gating is NOT fun. It is annoying and frustrating. Dailies might seem appealing because they get people to log in every day, but they also have the added effect of pushing many people away. Please reconsider dailies!
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