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  1. I'm happy with the changes in terms of where the games heading, the level increase is nice, the quests while leveling are OK etc. However I'm not happy with the way the patch was rushed and full of bugs, if this was a cooked chicken we would all have food poisoning. I know this is still pre-alpha and in development but first impressions stick, people might be playing for the first time and thinking this is a buggy mess and quit never to return. You should be thinking quality not quantity, anything you release whether it's a trial or not should be of highest of quality, not thrown at us early
  2. You should remove the RNG factor and have weekend quests, you have to complete a series of quests in which you have the weekend to do it in and once completed you get the reward. I would rather be guaranteed one pet for quest completion than nothing at all.
  3. Are you saying we shouldn´t have oppinions? I'm saying you should try it and then offer feedback.
  4. People complaining 1 day after the patch when they haven't had time to gear appropriately ><. At least try before you come and moan.
  5. People should have expected a wipe, the game is still in development and I would have been more surprised if they didn't wipe at some point.
  6. Some of the ideas were good, the ones that improved on the core of the game such as the AI and special monsters and super power etc. Other stuff like mini games shouldn't even thought of at this stage of development, they haven't even got the core of the game figured out so why waste time on side projects. <<< angry face!
  7. Crit chance will most likely be a rating on the gear rather than a % this means lower levels would require less rating for 1% and higher levels would require more rating for 1%. So early game or late game you can still build for crit. Crit damage scaling on a % in fine but they could still scale that on a rating system if they want to.
  8. 1) What made you decide to go with time restriction content, i.e pets and tokens? 2) Why isn't the daily quests for tokens based on a random map rather than the same few all the time? 3) Will all the pets visually look like infants (accept for the few that evolve), I find them underwhelming? 4) Will crit chance apply to hot spot (sweet spot) attacks?
  9. Doing a quest once a day is not hard, that said I'm not keen on the developer's current approach to keeping people playing. They've already stated the 8 hours for pet incubation was to make players want to play the next day, sorry I find that a little lame. Players should want to play every day because the games amazing, not because they feel if they don't they miss out on pet and tokens. I think Uber's should have a chance to drop from bosses and Tokens should be kept for more cosmetic purposes for the tavern or crafting recipes as the crafting system won the influence vote.
  10. They can't give anymore details yet because they want to see if its possible to re-roll first, if it turns out more work than necessary it would be easier to wipe all items. Even if they do manage to re-roll I would guess the stats assigned would be random meaning you could end up with next to worthless gear.
  11. Yes and no, you still need engineers to put these systems into the game. It requires more than the art to set up cosmetics shops.
  12. They're trying but it's obviously a hassle. And the players can't miss what they don't have. It's better to say they're interested in making the evolutions but obviously it's hard on them. For each evolution they have to sculpt another object and code it. That takes hours for their sculpters and coders to do. It's not easy and I can assure you it's not 'a large portion' of their team, but having a small group of people doing all that work is rough. People enjoy the pets, evolved or not. The people who enjoy them more than others can pay for the pretty and cool ones. That way their effort to m
  13. Hello Based on the comments made during the dev stream last night they mentioned that having visual pet evolutions for all pets would take too long and take up too much man power. They went on to mention they're thinking of only giving some pets an evolution visual and others won't, I see a problem with this. Most people want cool looking pets and would always take a cool looking pet over one that looks like it's in diapers thus making most of the non evolution pets redundant. My suggestion would be to give every pet only one visual evolution upon reaching max level, pets will still have mult
  14. I also had a pet glitch out, it disappeared from the incubator without a trace. To have 4 in a row kind of sucks >< sorry dude.
  15. Monk Uber Chain Lightning Turns Electric Aura into a Lightning Field, when an enemy walks into the field they get blasted with lightning, the lightning will chain to any nearby enemies.
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