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  1. Lightning: Can you remove passives for builds on gear and just make them all spheres?
  2. Very true. i no longer rapid fire maps as i pause to clear my loot after each one now. That combined with the stupid monthly grind has really made me question why i play this game at times. You grind because you're providing valuable input/feedback for your experience that Trendy may or may not pay attention to. lol that sacrifice. [[6540,hashtags]] [[6541,hashtags]]
  3. Moonbase just came out to DD1 ranked a couple days ago, plus the CDT will be adding new content regularly. Reinvesting time in DD1 certainly isn't a bad route to travel. At least until Open Alpha hits. If things are pretty much still the same then as they are now, then there's really no reinstalling DD2, but perhaps DD1 for me.
  4. They should of just left the TIB alone as a finalized item. There was nothing wrong with it. Then they go and over engineer again and add the homeless man, which was really unnecessary to begin with. They could of added a sort function instead to the inventory or lock ability to the inventory if that was on their hit list. There are much more important core gameplay aspects that need to be addressed before fiddling with the TIB.
  5. It's Alpha now, which is just one-step closer to Open Alpha, which means core aspects are finalized. To me, drastic design changes are meeting its end................................................................................... . .. . . . . . .............GG Can we go back? I think we can go back. Let's Marty Mcfly this puppy and getterdone. Can go back and reinstall DD1 XD
  6. It's Alpha now, which is just one-step closer to Open Alpha, at which time core aspects are finalized. To me, drastic design changes are meeting its end................................................................................... . .. . . . . . .............GG, WP, GL HF, NO RE.
  7. How about if EXP was spread across all heroes in the deck? Would that be too easy? Or, the characters you're not using get like, 50% of the EXP that you gained while playing with the in game character?
  8. Yeah, but there's one fundamental flaw with this argument. Leveling alts suck. Even with the XP boost, it still is one of the most un-fun experiences I've ever had playing a game. As soon as someone realizes the amount of work that's going to take they're going to leave. A mechanic that increases longevity does jack squat if the longevity consists of utter boredom. If I wanted to do a chore and be bored, I'd get out of my chair and clean my house. I don't want to be doing chores while playing games, but DD2 follows the concept of chores almost perfectly. You're 100% correct, leveling alts sucks very very much, but do you think it's in Trendy's best interest so far today to have a player not level all the characters to be able to solo? They want as many ppl to play their game and to keep playing it, to solo or not. I dunno... this is a very questionable tactic that's not going to last. No one likes meaningless tedious chores. This hero deck should of been revised/revoved when Pets were introduced.
  9. I have a suggestion to add: 7 different game modes. Why can't there just be 3? CampaignFree PlayIncursionOnslaughtEnd GameEnd Game IncursionEnd Game OnslaughtWhy can't End Game and Incursion just be a difficulty? What's the fundamental difference between Free Play, End Game, and Incursion? Just different difficulties, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Why can't there just be three modes; Campaign, Free Mode (or End Game, NOT BOTH), Onslaught. And for each mode have difficulties be like: EasyNormalHardVery HardFearingCripplingInsaneNightmareWorst NightmareRight now, If someone beats the Campaign, where do they go? They try a map of End Game Easy and it's too easy. So next, they try the same map but End Game Normal and fail at the final wave. So they try Free Play Normal on the same map and get rolled in the 2nd wave. Okay, then End Game comes before Free Play? But End Game sounds like after Free Play because it's the "End Game". Free Play is I can do whatever I want. I'm Free to Play whatever map. But aren't you free to play any map in End Game mode? Yes. So what' the difference between End Game and Free Play again? *EDIT* Get rid of Free Play.
  10. This is a very good point. For a F2P model it'll be tough for new players to understand that they should have many many many heroes... each built for a specific purpose They'll need a better way to introduce players to this mechanic tbh. Something in the campaign where it forces you to make a new hero and add some elements that would make a player think he's in charge of many heroes vs getting attached to one like I assume the vast majority of players do atm I think Trendy has heard what they needed to hear about the Hero Deck and how a majority of us dislike it. This Hero Deck business has been a sore to deal with but the only revision that they've done is add more available slots for a purchase price. I assume that they want to keep it the way it is, despite all the feed back they've gotten, is to retain people by having them level all the characters to max. I mean, if you think about it, it'll take a while. Keep adding in new characters with only 1 useful tower each and you've got a recipe for tens if not hundred(s) of hours of play. If a player isn't forced to level all heroes to max in order to be viable, then perhaps they fear their player base will teeter off. It's all for retention IMO. Another example of this are Daily and Monthly Missions and Build Passives on gear. The grind is what Trendy wants, but I think it's doing much more harm than good. It'll definitely be confusing to new players and I think that the hill to victory will be too steep for the casual player.
  11. Pets, Loot, Maps, Hero Damage, Stat System and so much more are embarrassing in DD2. It really shouldn't be called DD2 because this really doesn't feel like a squeal because everything that made DD1 an awesome game is missing here. DD2 should be called Defending Dungeons because it feels like a poor wannabe knock-off of a hit that be DD1. I'm really worried that DD2 has gotten to the state that it's in as we're in Alpha now. If i remember correctly, once Open Alpha hits, major systems are finalized, and that's just scary to me because I feel like the development is going awry. Like many others said, maybe this DD2 is dumb-downed because it's F2P, so that's impacting the direction of things more than the input of the Defense Council and others who have supported this "sequel". I rather have DD1 with improved graphics, a ton more maps, 6 players vs just 4, more customization (not builds with all these freaking passives on gears. spheres seem okay), pets, etc. and pay $30USD for it. I've got DD2 uninstalled right now and I'm really hoping that everything that the OP said ends up in the final release because that's the only way I'm going to install it again or recommend it to my friends whom I used to play DD1 with.... I hope to reinstall, I really do.
  12. agreed. why wouldn't you want the strongest towers set up? building is a privilege, not a right, in a public game.
  13. All these passives are going to be the death of DD2 in the long run. Stop it with all these passives and just make them towers. Then, take the tower into each class and make that into a deck/pool or whatever you wanna call it. Then make it so each class can choose which 5 towers they want to bring into the game instead of just 4.
  14. I have to say that I am not in favor of all the presets. If everyone is wearing the same preset, then no one is different. I also don't see the point in rarity for the accessories either. What's the real point if they don't add any real value to my character other than how I'll look? Also have to agree with [[31834,users]] with the weapon skins and the example he posted with the red sword and blue shield is perfect.
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