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  1. As the title says... Will there be no DevLog this week ?
  2. Seriously guys HOW should the charged sphere work for this bow? I mean you are attacking with left clicks and then for a second the golden flamethrower appears and after a minimal short time it disapears? Normally you are shooting and some shots are fully charged secondary attacks...I just dont know how this would work with the Bling bow...
  3. In the Last Dev Stream they said that the other heroes will be back in future heroe votes. So they will be added to the game later when they win the vote but not as the next heroes. Pls correct me if im wrong
  4. Hi all, short question: What is the hightest ipwr without any upgrade? Or when should i start upgrading my gear ? Thx
  5. Hi everyone Like the title says i did some summary of the last two Dev streams (46+47) but only in German! Its not 100% erverything they said in the Dev Streams only the important things... So if you are interested ( and can speak german) just send me a message and i will send you those summaries. Grettings
  6. Is there any option to rename my heroes ? Or will it be add in future patchs ?
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