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  1. I really hope that something comes of this, I bought in as soon as I could for this game because I loved the original so much, they even had a crossover with another favorite of mine Terraria. It's in a sad state right now and I really hope they breathe new life into it, I want a reason to play again.
  2. Thank you to @ChrisH36 for the information. I won't be returning any time soon.
  3. Last time I played it was laggy, lacking content, and they were constantly changing things from bad to worse. How is it these days? Worth coming back to?
  4. It can get pretty lonely playing by yourself, a global chat option will let you talk to other players throughout the servers, ask questions to other players and find people to play with without standing around doing nothing in the lobby. Maybe you're already in a party and are looking for more players, ask in the global chat if anyone wants to join.
  5. A lot of sets use the same slots which gave me the idea "what if I could wear part of this costume with my default?" and so on, I think people would be more inclined to buy costumes if this were the case, it would give costumes much more use than just one singular look which you can grow bored of, with this change when you get bored of a look you can still use parts of that costume but instead with something else. The wardrobe would have new options to select what portrait you want on your hero card and what animation you want to play when you change to that hero. Example: Scarecrow Apprent
  6. I'm in the same boat, I'm forced to use windowed mode if I want to see what's happening in-game when I tab out, and to make things worse having windowed mode means I have to settle for a smaller game resolution.
  7. Either way I've found a good way of doing it, thank you for trying to help
  8. 10k knockups is INSANE for someone who doesn't like playing huntress, anyone find a good map for grinding these?
  9. I came here to make the same error report, I tried to load the old ruins map from the social tavern
  10. Yeah and I personally prefer the more mature look However on the matter of her outfit I respectfully disagree, it looks like the feel they're going for with her is a combination of cowgirl and witch, which is a really cool design.
  11. Why yes, the amount of eyes, noses, mouths and ears seems to have carried over from the first to second. However, the original expression had some attitude to it, the second one is mostly just smug. Seen how there aren't any more important votes going on at the moment, there is no reason not to vote on this. So I obviously wasn't talking about the number of facial features, but thanks for that I guess. What I'm saying is that if you look at these two models untextured, I bet you they look practically Identical. Her irises got bigger and the colors are smoother. And personally, I think it's an
  12. on a more serious note, you should hold a vote for which face is the community likes more.
  13. Agreed, I'd like to see them give her a more sinister looking face like her old model
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