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  1. This is one of the big issues that the game faces. There have been many posts about the issue and so far there haven't really been any solutions tested or proposed. I mean it took about 6 months to get a kick feature implemented. I would really like to see issues like this addressed since it is definitely a frustration for a great deal of players (myself included) who then end up posting rather unbecoming posts on the forums.
  2. I would like to suggest that support be added for multi-key keybinds. It's one of the great things about DotA for example or most MMO's. For example you could bind your skills to 1, 2, 3, 4 and your towers to Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4 This would have many potential scenarios where it is a quality of life feature so I'd suggest that any combination of keys should be bindable. I am sure people from those background would greatly appreciate the feature.
  3. Yep very much for this but they would please need to let us rebind the keys to our own liking.
  4. Yep like the suggestions: LFG would be a nice feature to haveGrouping your party in the tavern to the top left after your name is also a good ideaParty only chat is a must, completely for this
  5. Sounds like a nice idea. Would be cool if there might be some benefit to manning a tower possibly in the form of being able to gear for it or having a tower for each class that is made to be manned or gets heavy bonuses from being manned. Really like the idea to switch up the game play and make an otherwise passive AFK leech fun again.
  6. Like the idea that there are tiered rewards but Onslaught would need a lot of balancing and adjustment before it would be possible to implement a tiered reward system. As it currently stands you wouldn't make it to the end rewards simply because server connectivity issues and time would make it far too difficult a goal.
  7. This has been an issue basically since the game went into early access and they still haven't fixed it. I don't think they care too much; gotta bring out those hats and think of new ways to scam the customer base with multiple currency unlocks. In all honesty though it hasn't been fixed in so long I doubt they are giving it any priority. If you get lucky and don't damage them they might time out otherwise it's a must to have one person in the party on/rejoin on a level 50 DPS character for situations like these. You can use the following to shoot through/past the gates consistently: The side of the gates at the edges if you have a ranged attackHuntress with burst fire has projectiles affected by gravity. If it is an open map you can used gravity to do a high arc shot over the gate and then land on the enemy from above.Huntress PhoenixApprentice ManabombSquire Laserbeam This isn't really a fix but it's what I have done in the past to get around the problem.
  8. Step forward mechanic needs to go! Squires if you actually build them for tank can do stuff in NM4. I hold a lane without issue against an ogre. It's really not that hard now if you wanna go glass cannon DPS and cry that you get killed as a melee in between 50 mobs that's your own problem. Get some Res/Res with some passive in resistance gear throw on the shield sphere and you can indefinitely tank an ogre with a Serenity and even do quite well with additional mobs. In fact even with barely anything put into hero damage you will be doing 16-22k DPS. PS: put your hero points into the HP not damage. Monk is an entirely different story but they are meant to be a hybrid class anyways if not they wouldn't have been given a ranged secondary attack.
  9. Just the ability to hide the other 'useless' numbers and just show the DPS can't possibly take long or be that hard. I would start there and then work on the other things later.
  10. End of level chests now only drop one item but it is guaranteed to roll complimentary stats. Examples include: HERO DAMAGE / HERO CRITICAL DAMAGE, hero critical chance, class specific skill damage buff HERO DAMAGE / ABILITY POWER, hero critical chance, class specific skill damage buff TOWER DAMAGE / TOWER CRITICAL DAMAGE, tower critical chance, tower specific damage buff TOWER HP / HERO HP, healthy barricades, barricade self repair HERO HP / HERO RESISTANCE, hero resistance, hero hp regenThis would solve the issue that loot feels extremely random and unrewarding and also mean that the end of level chests are genuinely worthwhile and something to look forward to. They never drop garbage. I'd also recommend restricting and hand picking the rarity range items can roll. For example in NM4 incursions I would suggest: 50% Legendary 25% Mythical 25% rare
  11. Would be great if we could get support for resolutions above 1920x1080/1200. I'm sure it's not the majority of players but with larger display resolutions gaining popularity it would be nice to see support for them. Even if the game isn't quite optimized I'm sure some people have the hard ware that could still play the game at an acceptable level.
  12. There are actually quite a few valuable points in this lament. I'm pretty sure the release of the new "Inventory Pack" and the now you can't use your gems which you already paid us for to buy more bags which we are asking you to pay us separately for once more says it all. If monetizing the name Dungeon Defenders wasn't the primary goal of the developers I am fairly sure that the game would never have taken the steps: 1. Only cosmetics will cost money. 2. Yea now in game quality of life features will also cost money. 3. Surprise we got a new quality of life feature but you can't use that money you already gave us to unlock it you gotta give us more money. The next steps are likely to be: 4. Notably over powered character is released prompting people into buying the character DLC. 5. Notably over powered character is nerfed to be slightly weaker than the others in time for a new character DLC release. 6. Repeat steps 4 & 5.
  13. Yep would also like to see this implemented. Spear throwers or Books getting stuck behind walls is annoying and the dreaded stuck ogre bug in Onslaught is a real issue if you don't have a well geared NM2+ character to kill it.
  14. I have had enough. Dear developers this is ridiculous. I am starting this thread and I know you will delete it because it's against the terms of service and not in good spirit but seriously why is it fine for others to abuse my games. Anyways please join in and post the users that you have had repeatedly ruin games for you by abusing the system. I would ask that -edited- be isolated from the rest of the community as all he does is join other games then instantly presses 'g' once and then leaves with something on his right mouse button. He does this every time he joins a game and there is nothing I can do. I want to play with others and I'm fine with some leeching but not even 'ging' or dropping mana and then proceeding to ruin my effort in setting up a map and time I have put in is not fun the nth time someone does it. I do not see why I can't be given the option to protect myself from harassment and still play with others I mean the devs are going to move or delete this thread for harassment... so he obviously gets the benefit of being protected from online harassment.
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