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  1. Cool, thank you for posting! I'm only lvl 14, haven't finished campaign yet, how many maps is there?
  2. I'm just wanting to finish lvling my Squire (currently lvl 14) to lvl 50 asap so can someone share the top few spots to grind out lvls for max exp per hour? I'm new so if you can dumb it down for me I'd appreciate it! I dislike playing squire but i'm wanting him first for the good defense towers. What I really dislike with squire is that he has no charge up skill like other heroes do (hold left mouse button pressed) it does auto attack which pushes me in direction i'm facing. I wish there was a way for him to STAND STILL if i manually tap the left button rather than hold it. I just dislike
  3. Sweet man! Thanks Where did u find your egg? How does it compare to other hatched pets u have? I'm just curious I have no eggs yet because i'm lvl 15 and haven't beat campaign yet, wonder if i have to beat campaign first before it will drop for me?
  4. I saw a bunch of ppl say they found egg and are waiting for it to hatch yet nobody bothered to post the hatched pic
  5. True, very good point Kyrn. I do love this game - I just see alot of room for improvement.
  6. Odd that they celebrate the first event ever with a non top tier egg heh, just my 2 cents but this first event should be Swag Legendary we can show off a year from now and nobody else has, but since its not then it will just get replaced by any random Legendary egg we find.
  7. I'm curious for all those that have a Hatched Mythic Madwick pet, can you post it here?
  8. Is this Madwick Egg Mythic class higher than Legendary or lower? Anyone have one can post pic?
  9. They did mention more heroes will come out, i'm hoping thats soon :)
  10. It is pre-alpha so I would assume they will add more unique and exciting items and perhaps even add an extra tower and extra skill to all heroes. If they also come up with original heroes that would be great. I'm not sure why they went the route to have 4 of the same exact heroes with 75% same towers, you would think they would make some more original content ? Coming from a DD1 vet I am finding alot of the same except as someone said earlier the items in DD 2 are nowhere near as exciting or good as DD1 even.
  11. Itemization is very inportant, D3 is just an example i use of a game that had my interest a long time and did many good things to make higher tier items awesome. DD2 items so far to me are meh especially the lower tier of items are so similar it's little to no excitement when you get one small upgrade.
  12. So I should potentially build Squire first eh? Shucks, i find him a bit boring
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