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  1. I hope to see pets soon I think that would help the game feel less grindy. I don't feel its grindy but, some others do. Also, I would like to see more heroes soon aswell there is only one female job/class. :p
  2. I noticed when I am going though my gear trying to find something better then what I have equipped. some of the party members will hit G to go and you get pulled in without getting geared up or get a chance to upgrade,buy gear. When I am party leader I ask them to tell me when they are ready. But, I hope to see a ready check where the party won't start until everyone checked ready. But, of course there should be a time limit. ^^ - Goddess
  3. Much pink, so kawaii, very pretty! Thank you! ^^ I am loving the avatars guys. :D
  4. Actually it's my interpretation of the error 404 that you get on this website: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/error/404 which apparently the Apprentice messed up and turned Squire into a Frog, so I tried to reproduce the image of a sort of weird spell casting apprentice used by combining the council with powerful green mana. Resulting in a messed up spell that turned squire into a frog >_< it was my intention to do something like that at least.. i don't think much people understood hehe Well, I like it. It has originality and you added your own personal touch which is awesome! :D
  5. I like both y'all's avatars Goddess's is cute and Gutu I think yours is pretty funny I like it, mine is based off one of my favorite comic book characters The Punisher. The punisher is a cool char. ^^ and Gutu I like how at the end the apprentice turns into a frog. hehe
  6. Thanks so much I love anime and Ichigo is my fav.! I like yours too! :D Btw I am a girl. You bring up a good point about being unique. ^^
  7. I thought I would start a fun thread where you rate avatars. It's your turn! :D Leave nice comments this is for fun. ^^
  8. DD2 had a great EA it is currently number one in the popular purchased games on steam! *cheers* I am so happy for Josh and Trendy! ^^ 
  9. A big congratulations to Trendy Entertainment for a great early access for DD2 it is number one in the popular purchased games on steam! And the big announcement of DD2 coming to PS4! I am so happy to see such good things come to a company that care's for the player base and making such a wonderful and enjoyable gaming experience playing DD2.
  10. I had the same question I didn't see this post till now but, I do hope there is cross platform play with the PC and PS4 players. ^^
  11. They have not been implemented yet. But, keep your eyes on the blog and forums for the official news from the staff. ^^ I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  12. Below is a quote from the steam DD2 page. I personally think it is worth it. You are getting to help Trendy build and help make DD2 a better game. If you don't think it's worth it that's your call. But, I will support and game and a great company that listens to the players and has worked hard to get us here to Early Access! Why Early Access? “We want to build a great game with you. For the past year, we’ve had a dedicated group of community members playing Dungeon Defenders II. These players have helped create a fun, rewarding core experience that we think you’ll love. We still have plenty o
  13. Well, I have it on steam so if it don't come to PS4 I still have my steam copy. ^^
  14. It is on the steam store now! YAY! Go get your copy now DD2 on steam! :D
  15. 1 more hour it shows me steam store hang in there. ^^
  16. That's a great idea this game would make a great xmas gift or just a great gift period. ^^
  17. Me too! ^^ t-minus 2 hours! YAY! I can't wait! :D
  18. Have you guy's seen the new DD2 video's on steam? I love them! Also, there is new pics in the "What's Included' area if you are questioning if you should get this game. I say yes, look how hard iamisom and the team are working to give us a great game and we get a chance to help them as well. Why wouldn't it be worth it? I for one am going to back them up and show my support to iamisom and everyone at Trendy Ent. and help make a already great game a legendary game and you can too! And the only way to do that is to buy the Early Access and help mold the game. ^^
  19. Me too! ^^ Can't wait to play and meet new people and play DD2 with. :)
  20. I am very excited to get to meet and play with you all! Who is hyped about Early Access? I know i am! :D 5 hours it shows on the steam store! YAY! ^^ DD2 on Steam - Goddess
  21. I agree 100% This isn't the full game yet but, if you want to help mold it into a better game for you and fellow players then yes, but, just like other beta's there will be wipes from time to time but, it will be worth it to help make a better game together. ^^
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