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  1. I hope to see pets soon I think that would help the game feel less grindy. I don't feel its grindy but, some others do. Also, I would like to see more heroes soon aswell there is only one female job/class. :p
  2. I noticed when I am going though my gear trying to find something better then what I have equipped. some of the party members will hit G to go and you get pulled in without getting geared up or get a chance to upgrade,buy gear. When I am party leader I ask them to tell me when they are ready. But, I hope to see a ready check where the party won't start until everyone checked ready. But, of course there should be a time limit. ^^ - Goddess
  3. Much pink, so kawaii, very pretty! Thank you! ^^ I am loving the avatars guys. :D
  4. Actually it's my interpretation of the error 404 that you get on this website: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/error/404 which apparently the Apprentice messed up and turned Squire into a Frog, so I tried to reproduce the image of a sort of weird spell casting apprentice used by combining the council with powerful green mana. Resulting in a messed up spell that turned squire into a frog >_< it was my intention to do something like that at least.. i don't think much people understood hehe Well, I like it. It has originality and you added your own personal touch which is awesome! :D
  5. I like both y'all's avatars Goddess's is cute and Gutu I think yours is pretty funny I like it, mine is based off one of my favorite comic book characters The Punisher. The punisher is a cool char. ^^ and Gutu I like how at the end the apprentice turns into a frog. hehe
  6. Thanks so much I love anime and Ichigo is my fav.! I like yours too! :D Btw I am a girl. You bring up a good point about being unique. ^^
  7. I thought I would start a fun thread where you rate avatars. It's your turn! :D Leave nice comments this is for fun. ^^
  8. DD2 had a great EA it is currently number one in the popular purchased games on steam! *cheers* I am so happy for Josh and Trendy! ^^ 
  9. A big congratulations to Trendy Entertainment for a great early access for DD2 it is number one in the popular purchased games on steam! And the big announcement of DD2 coming to PS4! I am so happy to see such good things come to a company that care's for the player base and making such a wonderful and enjoyable gaming experience playing DD2.
  10. I had the same question I didn't see this post till now but, I do hope there is cross platform play with the PC and PS4 players. ^^
  11. They have not been implemented yet. But, keep your eyes on the blog and forums for the official news from the staff. ^^ I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  12. Below is a quote from the steam DD2 page. I personally think it is worth it. You are getting to help Trendy build and help make DD2 a better game. If you don't think it's worth it that's your call. But, I will support and game and a great company that listens to the players and has worked hard to get us here to Early Access! Why Early Access? “We want to build a great game with you. For the past year, we’ve had a dedicated group of community members playing Dungeon Defenders II. These players have helped create a fun, rewarding core experience that we think you’ll love. We still have plenty o
  13. Well, I have it on steam so if it don't come to PS4 I still have my steam copy. ^^
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