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  1. Non cap, double cap, and 1 coal And if you do lab, I'll do some
  2. I could use a good ol' magicite! I'm in! Good luck with your giveaway!
  3. Can't wait! Add me and wecanstop RNG
  4. Josh_1030

    Item Check Thread

    Can I get this blaster IC'd please? 386/386 ups Thanks in advance! Josh
  5. Hello! I recently made a DPS Squire, and I have been searching for various component for the character. However, my efforts have been fruitless, as I have not found anything yet. So I thought I post something on the forums! Here's the following I wan, if it's an unfair trade, please tell me! 60k+ Glad- I would like a 60k+ glad with good dps and ab2 stats Trans Capping DPS set- Must have decent ab2 and capping resists and finally... Accessories- I mainly need a hat and some bracers. Sup and must hae at least 300. ab2 would be nice, too. If it isn't enough, I'll run lab at 7:1 NMHC Thanks! Josh
  6. Hello! I recently came across two goodies through trading. An Ult++ DPS stat clava: http://imgur.com/S2zIE8j IC'd by DDace And a 72k glad, which I don't have a pic of atm, but I have in game. What I am looking for: 160k Steam Saw with good DPS and ab2 Ult++ capping pet (Twr) Ult++ capping sparus If this isn't a fair deal, please tell me. Thanks! Josh
  7. I'm gonna make the executive decision to closs this auction. Nobody seems to have an interest in it.
  8. Just a heads up, the reserve has not been met yesterday. However, I don't intend on putting an end date up yet.
  9. Hello everyone! I had recently traded my RainMaker. In return, I had gotten various goodies, one being an Ult++ clava. This is my first auction and I had a friend help me with auction limits/info/etc. Here is a picture of the clava http://imgur.com/S2zIE8j I'm accepting cubes and diamonds 5/10/15 with a hidden reserve. Buyout is 1 Ult++ capping twr pet or Ult++ capping sparus. IC by DDace: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=394 C/O: miss AWP: 6 cubes Hidden Reserve not met yet
  10. Josh_1030

    Item Check Thread

    Oh. I didn't know he was IC'er Thanks!
  11. Josh_1030

    Item Check Thread

    Can I have IC on this Pawn before I sell it?
  12. I would think about this. My current Wweapon of choice has 323 rate though, which would bring me down to 2.2k rate. Is that still okay?
  13. I have a 72k glad I am willing to bid. It has good DPS and ab2 stats. I may have a couple coal, too.
  14. Exactly how do you do this map? I haven't even heard of it before this giveaway.
  15. Also, if you have any ult, +, or ++ tower mail pieces, I'd love to see them. And if you buy coal for mana, I have one coal to sell.
  16. Could I see the Ult++ Sparus? I have a magicite that I might sell.
  17. Thank you for doing this giveaway! I really hope to get a nice event item! You are very nice guy and I hope you have a very happy holiday season! Thanks again, Josh
  18. I've added you! I'm looking forward to this! Hopefully you have some spare ult tower mail pieces! Good luck with the giveaway! Josh
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