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  1. Non cap, double cap, and 1 coal And if you do lab, I'll do some
  2. I could use a good ol' magicite! I'm in! Good luck with your giveaway!
  3. Can't wait! Add me and wecanstop RNG
  4. Josh_1030

    Item Check Thread

    Can I get this blaster IC'd please? 386/386 ups Thanks in advance! Josh
  5. Hello! I recently made a DPS Squire, and I have been searching for various component for the character. However, my efforts have been fruitless, as I have not found anything yet. So I thought I post something on the forums! Here's the following I wan, if it's an unfair trade, please tell me! 60k+ Glad- I would like a 60k+ glad with good dps and ab2 stats Trans Capping DPS set- Must have decent ab2 and capping resists and finally... Accessories- I mainly need a hat and some bracers. Sup and must hae at least 300. ab2 would be nice, too. If it isn't enough, I'll run lab at 7:1 NMHC Thanks! Josh
  6. Hello! I recently came across two goodies through trading. An Ult++ DPS stat clava: http://imgur.com/S2zIE8j IC'd by DDace And a 72k glad, which I don't have a pic of atm, but I have in game. What I am looking for: 160k Steam Saw with good DPS and ab2 Ult++ capping pet (Twr) Ult++ capping sparus If this isn't a fair deal, please tell me. Thanks! Josh
  7. I'm gonna make the executive decision to closs this auction. Nobody seems to have an interest in it.
  8. Just a heads up, the reserve has not been met yesterday. However, I don't intend on putting an end date up yet.
  9. Hello everyone! I had recently traded my RainMaker. In return, I had gotten various goodies, one being an Ult++ clava. This is my first auction and I had a friend help me with auction limits/info/etc. Here is a picture of the clava http://imgur.com/S2zIE8j I'm accepting cubes and diamonds 5/10/15 with a hidden reserve. Buyout is 1 Ult++ capping twr pet or Ult++ capping sparus. IC by DDace: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=394 C/O: miss AWP: 6 cubes Hidden Reserve not met yet
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