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  1. woo thanks for the celebration NoVa \o/ Here's hoping anything on my list is available **a solo(1 character) pirate invasion guide thats guaranteed to get you to phase 12** an Acen ult++ BloodPisser pointy hat wheeler Jester set Pink Diamond Master Blaster Lime Diamond DPS Summoner set tower Summoner set a red diaper fairy 2XXk Pawn Shot DPS EV set tower EV set hybrid Monk set
  2. huzzah i did it \o/ http://i.imgur.com/eh5xcFC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/UBhECa9.jpg
  3. Making a mistake like that is just calendarphobic... I can't believe how uneducated you are. Check your month privileges. Both you and Rangerz are transcalendarphobic. If April wants 31 days, it can have 31 days. Check your cismonth privilege. Now you're being equiphobic, who the hell wants odd months when you can have them be even \o/ [[10566,hashtags]]
  4. \o/ boon neca ... now please update the link to the f1 emulator :P https://i.ytimg.com/vi/daOt2EGC048/maxresdefault.jpg
  5. If my magi was only worth 420 mana, I'd let you sell them to new players for 2 coal like you like to try doing >_> The only reason you said no, was because the new player was ***ting on the rest of your floor display
  6. Curt lies, his Magis are untraced, so he's only got 80cv + 420 mana
  7. Is it possible to buy 20 insane runs for a cube?
  8. I'm totally good with secrets, ask curt \o/
  9. Nuuuuu dont leave, with asas gone, you were the only one doing pub TL runs :( Also, mom is busy yelling at her new phone for not being like her old phone lol
  10. Sein said get in, so i want in plz \o/
  11. wooo acen-sama with another great giveaway \o/
  12. 1. Supreme Aura Set 2. Espear 3. Make your own Normal Diamond 4. Lab Diamond 5. Make your own Small Diamond pic: https://i.imgur.com/lvWdobL.png
  13. ; _ ; why u leaving me sein http://imgur.com/a/u9PAU#0
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