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  1. Ok usually i never post but i see DD drift away from the gameplay i like (collecting gear and pushing floor) so i will just back up (since i think they are around) two simple change which could really make me want to play again (Ancient Power is slowly killing the game for me which, given how much hour i dropped in the game, isn't that easy) - Create a no reset bag (i shouldn't say it but i would gladly pay it with gem). basically it unlock at the same time as C7 (so is locked again upon reset). Anything inside isn't affected by reset. Doesn't have to be as big as a "normal" bag but i guess
  2. Any range heavy lane : wall + reflect. And since you can use a mark/medallion on reflect (the HP is just silly) it even deal decent damage to incoming melee ...
  3. So i recently reported crit damage of viper not raising over time like base damage do. The answer was it's intended. Given how crit is now paramount it sounds pretty silly to me (well it allows poison to be more widely used and the less tower used, the easier to balance, i guess) Anyway what do you think ? Should it ramp up or not ? I myself vote yes, of course ^^
  4. The drop based on active hero also mean two (bad) things for me : - If I want weapons for other Hero, I'm stuck to "wasting" drop. No big deal for one class but much more if I have 9 to gear ... - MUCH more important it means i can't use special weapon. I guess i wil be able to buy a new Meteor Bullets soon but Wailing Galive or, even worst, Mauled Cleaver are a long way off ... I guess most people don't care about look but when i spend gems to get skins it kinda make senses to be able to use cool weapon, even if it nerfs my own stats ! So +232 for drop based on best gear in Active/Total DECK
  5. Sorry - I was possibly not being clear on what ratio I meant. The ratio I was referring to was the internal hidden ratio that scales the defense range to actual in game range that Hom brought up. I was unaware before his post, and it most definitely is helpful and will save you from dumping points into certain gambits that will not work as well as you think. Basically this is why the ramster gambit stinks - the ratio is 10:1, so instead of gaining 1500 range which would be great it instead only gains 150 which is horrible. You lose the full 1.5k DP, but the range goes from 2500 to 2650 which
  6. The ratio actually doesn't help at all choosing whether or not gambit is worth it. So the whole topic, while definitely VERY interesting, doesn't help having a quick answer to the 'should i choose gambit' question Here are theorical example : Gambit on a tower with 1500 range stats and 1:10 ratio sounds horrid but is actually +100% range. Probably a must. Gambit on a tower with 10000 range stats and 1:1 ratio sounds good but is actually +15% range. Real low and worthless unless the tower have a very specific use where range is VERY important and base damage irrelevant (sand come to mind) Th
  7. ... You miss the point. I don't need a SHARD list, I have one, but a way to make Coil more useful to me. It's currently just a tower i use because it just fits the theme and not out of any real use of it. This solution would make ME really use it. But perhaps I'm missing an important point making this idea useless / OP. That's the kind of advice I (and devs if they read this and find it interesting) need And i wouild rather have Mystic shard than regen and leech on her. I personnaly think using class specific shard make said class more interesting but i guess i should just consider them as ski
  8. The ratio actually doesn't help at all choosing whether or not gambit is worth it. So the whole topic, while definitely VERY interesting, doesn't help having a quick answer to the 'should i choose gambit' question Here are theorical example : Gambit on a tower with 1500 range stats and 1:10 ratio sounds horrid but is actually +100% range. Probably a must. Gambit on a tower with 10000 range stats and 1:1 ratio sounds good but is actually +15% range. Real low and worthless unless the tower have a very specific use where range is VERY important and base damage irrelevant (sand come to mind)
  9. I can too but there is usually at least 3 lane needing attention. And if you d'ont take damage, why not going AP+Damage ?!? Anyway the idea was not taking a lesson on mystic but saying i just feel i should be able to DPS boss without going back on forth in the map. And it solves the issue without really hurting your gameplay. If there is no mob to leech from, there is no need for healing. Also leech doesn't have to be based on current damage. Like orb heal 60% of your health whatever it is, hit coudl heal a percent (dependent on your attack speed) So basically what i want to know is if this wi
  10. Flame aura, fissure In fact they all work as far as i have tested. But it depends on base range (stast i mean not actual range). Everything above 6K base is probably not worth wasting point (and losing DP). Between 4K and 6k it's debatable. Under 4K it's always worth it IMHO. And a must for anything under 2.5K
  11. My bet would be 2500 instead of 25000 so 1:1 instead of 1:10 Overall i feel gambit should just give a plain 1% per point Currently it just feel awkward
  12. Well it doesn't really fits the mystic theme but my biggest problem is with boss. Either you never healed mid wave or there are no orb left and the only healing solution is basically die. The basic leech is just pîtiful. It's just stupid. So either that or another healing solution for mystic beside orb.
  13. Here is my idea to solve both mystic not healing and serpent being not worth the 20 Well not really making it worth but at least considering it ... My main grip is serpent coil obviousively doesn't generate orb when you face a boss. So instead of having it spawn healing orb why not give a leech bonus if you DPS the target of coil ? Would also make it more interesting to carry it around instead of dropping it in a lane and get back there for healing.
  14. I use junk mythical and leg to store spare shard myself, hence the 'please show equiped shard part ^^ That being said i find it's a good trick to easily group similar shard (same hero or piece to be sloted in) and how many i have. Ideally using similar icon type for similar shard too. This alst part is trickier to get right though ... Sadly blue wo'nt work, else it would be a quick way to differentiate storing gear from 'normal' one ... :/ Try it if you don't already do it
  15. Well title say it all. 'New' DD2 is even more aimed at using only one hero of each class than before And the greatly increased respec cost just doesn't fit ... The fact some point allocation need a bit of testing unless you just want to follow guide advice and be done make the new cost even more harsh for those which love tweaking If not free it shouldn't cost more than 2/3 map worth medal (50 for example) Basically free but without admitiing it, like before ^^
  16. Pet stats become meaningless when using c5 gear and i think it shoudl'nt be so. So basically add a new tier. 90 max power/affection and about double the stats at max affection. Boosting the ability will make some OP so i guess it should stay the same even if it uses to grow with tier (not sure it was still the case pre-patch ...)
  17. I mentioned having c1 and 4 in all lane. In fact the part of your argument about having several 'set' is something i wholeheartedly agree with. Also i personnally think winning should be more about a carefull layout than about farming deadly. I'm very glad you can afk chaos 235 but the old argument "i'm so OP so let's take my solution" is, let's say, old. In fact it even speaks against you advocating any solution since whatever it could be you'll AFK it 2 minute later with a meta which would make this whole idea useless. You should try making your own challenge like using one tower per lane
  18. Actually it has been covered many times and the community specified some conditions for themes. Each theme should allow some tower sets to be viable. Example: you can't have geode and cyborks in the same lane. So themes could be like: 1) Goblin shields / Geode 2) Goblin shileds / lady orc 3) EMP cyborks / lady orc 4) EMP cyborks / assassins 5) Goblin shields / geodes / lady orc 6) Geode / lady orc / assassin 7) EMP cyborks / lady orc / assassin Now I will add that default double lane shouldn't be able to roll with 2 opposite themes, but double lanes that appears when you let a subcore die shou
  19. Those two topic aren't really new but i would like to elaborate on why and how I would see the nerfing. The whole problem became particularly pregnant when i found the boost power (or whatever the name +20 dp to boost aura) It just feel stupid that it should be clearly inferior to using destruct. Of course the idea is to use BOTH. but if i end up using only one it should be the tower specific, not the generic. Also the +34 (easy to max through medal) definitely feel like a HUGE drop in difficulty when first you get it. Given how common it is it gave me an impression of winning more because of
  20. This particular has a BIG flaw : merged lane. It wili actually encourage finding a global meta. Also assassin on a specific lane don't change a lot of thing ... Also i myself don't like this idea because it just feels ... messy. Having a particular mob for the whole map make more sense to me, like if we were facing a partiicular swarm of mob trying to get the core, not just a bunch of random mob. But that's last point is more of personal taste
  21. Ok so the new idea of dropping cyb in c3/4 and sphere in c5 is actually good. But i would love to see the following happen : Each time you start a trials it rolls a map AND a special mob. Said mob would be the themed one. i.e. sphere to make projectile harder to use OR cyb to disable aura OR assassin to make your life miserable (and use tactics to face them) I guess 'basic' like vanguards and lady could just spawn everytime. But having differents builds to face sphere, cyb or assassin on c5 would be neat. I like the idea of having to change build even if I roll the same map. I guess a meta wil
  22. "This would not be an issue if it was based on your active hero, and considering that your average gear level is determined primarily by armor/weapon, the highest geared hero will probably be your dps." Not quite true. I'm currently using a Witch as DPS and using junk gear would actually hurt my overall mob management. I won't even mention dropping megashark might be effective but not cool. Also i used two secondary for boss (Hunt) and roller (Monk). Meaning i would need junk gear on them too since they are active when boss die. That's a LOT of gear to be found before having max drop. For m
  23. Understood. We've made Mythical and Legendary items more rare, which came from our player feedback reports before the update. If we've made them TOO rare, we'll look into it again. As for the other posts, please keep them coming. This is really helpful. I might be alone in this but the Legendary drop rate reduction came a BIT too late. When they provided the passives we now see on shards, that's when they should have been EXTREMELY rare. I'm not saying they should be bumped right now but, if all Legendaries are ever going to be is a small stat bump over Mythicals then their rarity does feel a
  24. Your gear is only capped because you haven't upgraded it. Once you upgrade it you'll get the next tier of gear. I like the upgrade gear to get better gear model but you need to explain it cause took me a few days and a trip to the forums to find out what was going on. it IS maxed costs me 38M And currently feel i have wasted it. just picking blue and refarming would be the same EDIT : i also just realized i can't use my phantom phoenix bow because of this maxed ipwr system .. so, DEFINITELY make it based on max gear in inventory.
  25. Ok now i just finsihed a c4 and got capped gear because i 'only' have full mythical set from c3 ... I understand (and totally agree with) the no carrying policy but, come on, having to farm c4 to be able to farm c4 is just PLAIN DUMB !
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