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  1. Ok usually i never post but i see DD drift away from the gameplay i like (collecting gear and pushing floor) so i will just back up (since i think they are around) two simple change which could really make me want to play again (Ancient Power is slowly killing the game for me which, given how much hour i dropped in the game, isn't that easy) - Create a no reset bag (i shouldn't say it but i would gladly pay it with gem). basically it unlock at the same time as C7 (so is locked again upon reset). Anything inside isn't affected by reset. Doesn't have to be as big as a "normal" bag but i guess 32 slot is the minimum. Of course getting your current max floor back would be good too ... This would allow to farm gear without thinking it would be wasted time (or very close to, just think about losing C8 relic ...) if you ever reset even once. Some people might be ready to do reset only for 2/3 month (and pray there won't be an update making more reset desirable) but i'm pretty sure i'm not the only "veteran" (I started a month before the first halloween event happened) player which would like to see this, you might even see some coming back, i sure know of at least one (beside me) - Second one is more a quality of life change but it's still very important : create "mod storage" item. Basically you bought it from the tinkerer for some price (i think 3x C7 tinker price would be ok) It's basically a legendary item with stats at 0. You can transfer mod to it for free but, more important when you transfer from it, it's the usual price but the item is not destroyed. It doesn't sound like much but its' very useful for a lot of reason. Like you drop 3 C1 mod to a normal item, up it to C7 and then, using this, you can "separate" the mod. Currently they'll have to stay in the same item (or the non transfered would be lost) and you'll need to up (and store ...) three item. You could also store green mod on the same item without "linking" them together.
  2. Any range heavy lane : wall + reflect. And since you can use a mark/medallion on reflect (the HP is just silly) it even deal decent damage to incoming melee ...
  3. So i recently reported crit damage of viper not raising over time like base damage do. The answer was it's intended. Given how crit is now paramount it sounds pretty silly to me (well it allows poison to be more widely used and the less tower used, the easier to balance, i guess) Anyway what do you think ? Should it ramp up or not ? I myself vote yes, of course ^^
  4. The drop based on active hero also mean two (bad) things for me : - If I want weapons for other Hero, I'm stuck to "wasting" drop. No big deal for one class but much more if I have 9 to gear ... - MUCH more important it means i can't use special weapon. I guess i wil be able to buy a new Meteor Bullets soon but Wailing Galive or, even worst, Mauled Cleaver are a long way off ... I guess most people don't care about look but when i spend gems to get skins it kinda make senses to be able to use cool weapon, even if it nerfs my own stats ! So +232 for drop based on best gear in Active/Total DECK. Or even the best two, for that matter EDIT : The point 2 can be extended to people who liek to play full myth (2 shard slot) or even, god forbid, leg. If i want my inventory to look all shiny it would be nice to be able to do so. Yeah it get a bit far but i was used to doing it in 'old' DD2 so ... Would be nice to do it again
  5. Sorry - I was possibly not being clear on what ratio I meant. The ratio I was referring to was the internal hidden ratio that scales the defense range to actual in game range that Hom brought up. I was unaware before his post, and it most definitely is helpful and will save you from dumping points into certain gambits that will not work as well as you think. Basically this is why the ramster gambit stinks - the ratio is 10:1, so instead of gaining 1500 range which would be great it instead only gains 150 which is horrible. You lose the full 1.5k DP, but the range goes from 2500 to 2650 which is barely noticeable. The ramster is the worst ratio there, but the flame aura and flamethrower also get smaller bonuses than you would expect. They may still want the gambits if you have enough DP and yeah that is complicated, but the ramster has a quick answer to the 'should I choose gambit' question. The answer is "Hell No!" :) Sorry for double posting didn't find how to edit and quote :/ The idea of just checking range STATS (the one you see in inventory) is you don't need to ask anyone (or check forum) about said ratio, you can see it by yourself If you have a 25000 range STATS like ramster you can immediatly see that the 1500 bonus will definitely be worthless. If you see 200, like explosive, you'll know you will cover a LOT more ground with gambit I just wanted to point him to an easy to use solution, so he can decide by himself
  6. The ratio actually doesn't help at all choosing whether or not gambit is worth it. So the whole topic, while definitely VERY interesting, doesn't help having a quick answer to the 'should i choose gambit' question Here are theorical example : Gambit on a tower with 1500 range stats and 1:10 ratio sounds horrid but is actually +100% range. Probably a must. Gambit on a tower with 10000 range stats and 1:1 ratio sounds good but is actually +15% range. Real low and worthless unless the tower have a very specific use where range is VERY important and base damage irrelevant (sand come to mind) That's not how the scalar works. If a tower has 1:10 scaling, the 1,500 range that the gambit gives would become 150 effective range. Since the tower had 1,500 to begin with, it'd now have 1,650. That's a 10% increase, not a 100% increase. The scalar is very much important in determining whether it's worth it or not. The gambit would be more worth it on that hypothetical 10,000 range 1:1 tower than your hypothetical 1,500 tower. I mean, it wouldn't actually be worth it on either (unless DP is irrelevant), but if you had to pick one it'd be 10k range tower. I speak of stats not actual range. The one you can check in inventory screen the one mentionned in this https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/143193/range-tooltip-vs-real-range topic 1500 stats with 1:10 ratio mean 150 range. Gambit always give 1500 and though double that. I can't think of a tower that would'nt benefit from doubling range. Even with poison it would allow a lot more flexibility in its use That's why trap benefit a lot more from gambit that cannon even if they both have 1:1 ratio On top of that trap/aura tower, which often have the smallest range, benefit even more since the ground covered gain is not linear (Good old πR² is a trap lover friend) On the other hand the 10K stats giving 10K range mean gambit would only raise it to 11500. A flat cool bonus but relative range wise, it's not really worth losing 1500DP
  7. ... You miss the point. I don't need a SHARD list, I have one, but a way to make Coil more useful to me. It's currently just a tower i use because it just fits the theme and not out of any real use of it. This solution would make ME really use it. But perhaps I'm missing an important point making this idea useless / OP. That's the kind of advice I (and devs if they read this and find it interesting) need And i wouild rather have Mystic shard than regen and leech on her. I personnaly think using class specific shard make said class more interesting but i guess i should just consider them as skin of each other ... Sorry to be blunt but this forum is plagued with 'how you should play' answer instead of comment on issue of said suggestion invalidating it. I have a bit of hour under my belt. Just a bit. REALLY a bit (I'm being sarcastic here) So, no, I don't need tips. It's a SUGGESTIONS forum, not a 'help me i'm stuck one' for godness sake. EDIT : Sorry for this but it's FAR from being the first time such things happen. Bad luck for you. It's already very annoying when you start speaking of a mechanic you don't find fun (hello roller and trap) and any suggestions end up with 'learn how to play, n00b' But if such behavior extend to suggestions which are more quality of life and, all in all, basically idle SUGGESTIONS rather than 'this make me consider quitting game/not use Mystic' comment, it begins to be plain infuriating.
  8. The ratio actually doesn't help at all choosing whether or not gambit is worth it. So the whole topic, while definitely VERY interesting, doesn't help having a quick answer to the 'should i choose gambit' question Here are theorical example : Gambit on a tower with 1500 range stats and 1:10 ratio sounds horrid but is actually +100% range. Probably a must. Gambit on a tower with 10000 range stats and 1:1 ratio sounds good but is actually +15% range. Real low and worthless unless the tower have a very specific use where range is VERY important and base damage irrelevant (sand come to mind)
  9. I can too but there is usually at least 3 lane needing attention. And if you d'ont take damage, why not going AP+Damage ?!? Anyway the idea was not taking a lesson on mystic but saying i just feel i should be able to DPS boss without going back on forth in the map. And it solves the issue without really hurting your gameplay. If there is no mob to leech from, there is no need for healing. Also leech doesn't have to be based on current damage. Like orb heal 60% of your health whatever it is, hit coudl heal a percent (dependent on your attack speed) So basically what i want to know is if this wil hurt your gameplay or not. If not it seems a good idea to me since it certainly will help MINE ^^ (and fit to my vision of Mystic and using coil if that matters) If it does then i guess it's either a bad idea (if it totally screw yours) or a debatable one (if it only impedes it in some degree)
  10. Flame aura, fissure In fact they all work as far as i have tested. But it depends on base range (stast i mean not actual range). Everything above 6K base is probably not worth wasting point (and losing DP). Between 4K and 6k it's debatable. Under 4K it's always worth it IMHO. And a must for anything under 2.5K
  11. My bet would be 2500 instead of 25000 so 1:1 instead of 1:10 Overall i feel gambit should just give a plain 1% per point Currently it just feel awkward
  12. Well it doesn't really fits the mystic theme but my biggest problem is with boss. Either you never healed mid wave or there are no orb left and the only healing solution is basically die. The basic leech is just pîtiful. It's just stupid. So either that or another healing solution for mystic beside orb.
  13. Here is my idea to solve both mystic not healing and serpent being not worth the 20 Well not really making it worth but at least considering it ... My main grip is serpent coil obviousively doesn't generate orb when you face a boss. So instead of having it spawn healing orb why not give a leech bonus if you DPS the target of coil ? Would also make it more interesting to carry it around instead of dropping it in a lane and get back there for healing.
  14. I use junk mythical and leg to store spare shard myself, hence the 'please show equiped shard part ^^ That being said i find it's a good trick to easily group similar shard (same hero or piece to be sloted in) and how many i have. Ideally using similar icon type for similar shard too. This alst part is trickier to get right though ... Sadly blue wo'nt work, else it would be a quick way to differentiate storing gear from 'normal' one ... :/ Try it if you don't already do it
  15. Well title say it all. 'New' DD2 is even more aimed at using only one hero of each class than before And the greatly increased respec cost just doesn't fit ... The fact some point allocation need a bit of testing unless you just want to follow guide advice and be done make the new cost even more harsh for those which love tweaking If not free it shouldn't cost more than 2/3 map worth medal (50 for example) Basically free but without admitiing it, like before ^^
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