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  1. used by brainless 4chan kiddies, idiots and children. its not like using them makes you cool or modern, its just bull, hopefully gone asap. same like bronies - just because 4chan propagates them, it doesnt make it cool or interesting. You clearly have never visited 4chan, "rage faces" were made and are used by Reddit.
  2. The pets you get from it are crazy good
  3. It takes a few months for VAC bans to take effect, are you sure you're safe from one?
  4. Sorry I can't post a screenshot, I'll try to describe it to you the best I can though :ogre: It's a Weighted Companion Cube Stats: 112 Melee Attack / 1 Attack Speed (3 Max) / 18 Knockback 120 To all Hero and Tower stats 166 Upgrades When it attacks it leaves a trail of hearts and makes an odd noise. When you jump it does a flip.
  5. You just have to position your towers correctly where they'll shoot them.
  6. Please help me I need an answer quickly tried googling but I couldn't find anything
  7. The active player base is dropping, at least it has been for the past 30 days: Source: http://steamstatshistory.appspot.com/list It'll probably pick up again on the 15th, but I honestly don't know if we'll ever see 10,000 players online at the same time again... EDIT: This week has been particularly bad; just today we hit a record low for players online at 3576. If I had to speculate why this week, I'd say it's because a lot of players just got pissed off when the learned Shards 2 wasn't coming out until mid-March. We could very well see 10k+ players again if Trendy makes some cha
  8. There are 3-5k people playing each day, that's a lot. There aren't a lot of public servers because people are playing with their friends. It's been like this since launch, when DD launched there were 30k people playing each day and only ~60 public servers
  9. Bear is a great guy, he'll help you if you're having trouble :)
  10. yep, he's mad... nothing to see here people, mad kid is mad that he doesn't have 3$'s. I have more than enough money to buy the DLC, that's not the point.
  11. King: consoles are what happened :( the powers-that-be demand simultaneous release of this content on those platforms and it's currently in certification -Jer Consoles ruin everything. Will the DLC be free yes or no?
  12. My original statement had nothing to do with grammar, its your constant use of **** to pretend to cuss, you feeling like you have the need to cuss in the first place, your constant direct insults to people instead of actually giving a real point. If I really cared what people thought of me on this forum, do you think I would be in any thread disagreeing with anything anyone said? Every time someone runs out of valid points or arguments, they turn to direct insults, such as, "you're trolling!" "you're a prick!" "you have no life!" "you must like.. get no sun!". That's all you can come up w
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