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  1. Auto Loot - Ah fantastic! Wonderful addition just spent a good few minuets sorting them all. 4 Chests - Ah I see, it would be nice if they'd unlock bonus ones for doing it in a challenging way, I think there was something similar in DD1 where if you only used towers you'd get a bonus in experience or something along those lines. Could make an interesting addition to them challenges as well. Pets - ahh yes I finally went through my inventory and found some of the pet box's aha. I look forward to evolving my pets soon ^^ Mobs - Yeup! I've checked this out now and it's been very helpful however as you've said a bestiary would be wonderful! Interactable - Ah yes I think I mostly overlooked them while playing the first time through but upon the 5th or 6th time started to be able to pick them out properly. I hope they point them out clearer for new players however because using them as part of your defence set up is really useful! Comparing Relics - Ahh this is great! Altho I'd still like just a mouse over version ahaha. Shards - Yes I mistook them for the Chips inside of weapons, I also learned that you don't need to unequip shards everytime you change equipment, very much a timer saver. As for the Chips is there a point in saving lower level ones? or just one of each at the highest level etc? Also a sort by Chips/passives function would be wonderful in helping keep track of them all.
  2. Recently picked this up again after remember how fun it was playing DD1 however after the campaign there is a complete and utter lack of information and tutorials. The amount of lacking information that requires me to tab out nearly constantly for the first few hours is extremely off-putting for someone who wants to enjoy this game. I'll be listing out my gripes and hopefully solutions for them below. General Information - It does what? From playing a short amount of time I've only been notified about auto-loot once or twice and never knew until going to talk to every single NPC in the town that there's an npc for picking up missed ones. However with Auto-loot on why is he there? I assume its because you can set loot settings in the inventory tab and he picks up whatever is left in case you want it? Why do 4 chests appear if I can't open them? Can I open them? How do I get the other chests if this is the case? What happens to money and mana that's out of bounds or inside the enemy spawn area? Do I still get this at the end of the round? There are Vendors that ask for Certain Currency (Chaos I Shard etc) Why are these not listed at 0 in the currency list? Is this an item? UI - Stat Descriptions So far I'm enjoying the new UI choice and the layout, However as a new player I have no idea what the stats are or do. Upon gaining equipment some of them tell me what the stat is which is fantastic I now know what about three quarters of them do however I still don't know what two of them do a small UI pop up when mousing over them with a small explanation or just adding the name before the ability or above it in small text would help greatly. We have them in the bag options so why not on the stats? Pets - UI Improvements What's the Vial of dragon sweat used for? Both Evolving and Re-rolling? What does Affection do? Overwhelmed - Being placed into town rather than Tavern during Tutorial There are Twenty Two NPC's in the town, This can be somewhat overwhelming when you suddenly put into an area with other players the only current interaction with the closest NPC is to tell you to do something then upon talking to him again he talks about seeing Proteus. Where he is, Who he is, is somewhat hard to get to grips with. What all the NPC's do and why they are there is also a small hurdle to climb over. Perhaps a small show around the town as part of the tutorial for new players. Enemies - What do they do? Resistances? Where is the Bestiary or explanation for what enemies do? In DD1 we had an explanation of what every enemy did, how to deal with them normally as part of a voice over or cutscene. In this game we currently have next to zero information on enemies other than the odd pop up of "Watch out for Bomb Goblins", This isn't helpful. What's the icon for bomb goblins? Where are they coming from? Which lane are they coming from? Without DD1 experience I don't know what to look for or how to deal with them as a new player, an in game Bestiary would be extremely helpful even if its just copying the images posted on the wiki into the game or just a general explanation with their icons attached. Most of the enemies I see currently I have little to no idea what they do without having to google it or go to the wiki. Boss's - What do they do? Some great new addition to the rooster but again, as I'm new to the game and coming up against the draken lord now with his shield I have no idea what to do about it other than fire or swing at him. I had to tab out into the wiki of the game to even get a general understanding of what his abilities do other than "Oh look I got oneshot". Again A Bestiary or a cutscene about the boss would be fantastic similar to Betsy. Mechanics. For Example Betsy's Corruption/Cursed Land, In the fight I have no idea what this does as a new player thankfully I managed to find out by pressing E on the defences, the pop up about the corruption is too short to be noticed. Built in Map Defences - What do they do? Something I've come across in the maps is things I can interact with, sometimes they set of a trap or make a status do an action, other times they summon something that sits there in front of me, I have no idea what this does upon first interaction. A small hint of talk bubble would be fantastic. Comparing Relics - Why Cant we You can compare nearly everything in this game, even inside of vendor windows. Why can I not compare relics inside my inventory? It seems to default to always the highest relic equipped on the current character you can probably implement a setting where upon click on one of the relics that would be the one you compare too at leas tin regards to those in your inventory. The Portal In Town - Trying new heroes This is one of the nicer additions in my opinion to the game. Its a fantastic way to try the new heroes until you realise you have no in game way of check what there skills or abilities do. Which then has me once again tabbing out the game to go to either youtube or the wiki too look up all 4 different characters and work out what they do. Some of the videos have voice acting, some don't. However again this requires me tabbing out again and lack of in game information. Some of you will point out that the ability information is inside the Create a hero tab which is great, However its locked out in this mode however the links to the youtube video's themselves are fantastic on this area, I'd also like to point out that the Dryads links to a trailer for Protean Shift Rather than her actual trailer. Public or Private - Why it should tell you that there's a loot multiplier in public There's a lot of details left out about playing public, most importantly the loot multiplier. This needs to be explained to the player preferable straight after the tutorial. After playing a solid 8 hours and only having my first interaction with a player in the last 20 minuets I feel like I've wasted time playing on Private to get to grips with what my towers and abilities do. Shards - Why can't we extract them from weapons? We can remove Shards from equipment, Can we do this from weapons? If so why and how? Shards come across at first as just an extra thing rather than a very important prospect in your equipment. Egg Shop - Previews? Adding previews to the eggs would be helpful as when I go to buy them all I have listed is a species, Similar to how when you view an egg how it shows all the different ones you can get If however these are mystery and random ones I can understand why there aren't any previews but still a general "This is a Creeper" image would be nice. Posted this on Reddit as well. =)
  3. I'd be more inclinded to ask that does this mean I'll have to play a hero level 9 to 10 in ranked mode for the achivement or playing a ranked game will pop up all the achivements I've earned thus far inside of the tavern?
  4. Theres a giant flaw in your arguement dude, DPS = Damage Per Second, You are and will be doing the damage it says on the staff but your DPS isnt your damage. Also, check your item over and what the abilitys say, I've got a staff that fires 2 different bolts that do half the damage each, this may be your problem, the issue being that one bolt shoots to the left of your charecter so you dont really see it.
  5. Where do you change the setting of graphics? I'm also having the issue but not only is the tower radius not showing but the orginal summoning circle as well isnt for me.
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