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  1. i would if i had the money .... How do you not have $16 laying around? I assume you have a job. does it really matter? your comment sounds incredibly rude whether you meant it to be that way or not... Ya it does. People need to get out of their parents basements and apply themselves. I work fulltime and go to school and yet I manage to find $16 laying around for a game. I don't beg on forums for it to be free. I'd recommend you apologize and delete your comments, there was no begging for the game here. It was a question, you in no way have the right to inquire about someones financial si
  2. honestly the 5-10$ range is perfect in terms of skins and accessories, you want a good balance nothing too high or low. 5 or so for an accessory and 10 for a skin is perfectly fine, maybe a sale or even a bundle with a 15-25% discount every now and then for bulk buying and more income. Thinking in the range of 20+ is honestly ludicrous you really have to have something special to charge that much for a cosmetic (League and dota for example have the legendary skins and such where it's basically a complete overhaul of the entire character, animations, voice etc.)
  3. Something neat like DD2 styled Chess. Physical games would be alright as well. Dice bets would be interesting honestly haha. Maybe even some cards to play around with as well?
  4. I'm not sure I 100% agree with your exact layout and such but I am sold on the idea of a server list. It's pretty much a necessity honestly.
  5. Honestly I really only find 1 maybe 2 specs good per character, I think unless its heavily modified it really won't be that good to have in-game. A cool grid view like PoE would be sweet but I don't know if there's enough choices with only 4 turrets and 3 abilities to warrant such a thing,.
  6. The issue is with loot ratio's getting that item you want is harder and harder, the few items you do get generally are bad honestly.
  7. Honestly though it's not is the thing, it feels like it happens at all points of progression so far.
  8. Yeah but the loot's not even really being quality either is the issue, I might just have terrible luck but I'm lucky to get a couple greens in most runs (Including the end of game chest.) Usually not even upgrades either.
  9. It might just be me but I remember from DD1/DDE going through the levels and there was just massive amounts of loot, it was incredible! I kind of feel like that's gone though in DD2. Even with armor in now it just feels like you're sparsely rewarded. Any thoughts?
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